Latest: Shaq the Motivator #SWIL2 Epiosde 4

Episode 4 is here and Damien is out here trying out with an audition for Love Island. Showcasing his acting and questionable singing skills to the producers to try and get his place on the latest series…

Big Shaq is back at his local football team to meet his old coaches and give a motivational speech to the current girls team. One of his old coaches is a bit too enthusiastic though, soon Big Shaq realises that he may just be begging it a bit too much…

Dr Ofori is taking his counselling outside of his Uber and is now taking it to the next level by taking his work to his own living room. The first couple to enter are a couple that Ofori recognises from a previous meeting. Conversations ensue surrounding the survival of relationships with the use of Instagram and Ofori has plenty of opinions on the matter…

Patrick is out in the club celebrating his mates Stag Party. He soon meets some familiar faces that gets himself into some trouble but who knows, maybe another promotion is on the cards following this little encounter?

Watch Episode 4 of #SWIL2 on Michael Dapaah’s Youtube channel below:

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