Angel: Why is one the UK’s biggest talents, so underrated?

Throughout the entirety of the musical landscape, there is always at least one artist on the horizon that, has been criminally underrated.

Hailing from Shepherds Bush, the singer, songwriter and producer Angel has been around the music scene for close to 10 years now. In that decade, he has remained consistent and relevant in the making of his music but unfortunately, his talent does not appear to get the appreciation and recognition that he deserves.

Before we get started, it is important that take a deeper look into the real meaning behind someone being “underrated”. Firstly, it is easy for someone to claim that a particular artist/s (usually their favourite) is underrated. Why? Of course, anyone that rates a particular artist is going to state that they are underrated or better than another artist, it’s the basis of any bias. Bias must be taken away from any sort of conversation when discussing whether someone is being underrated. Instead of bias, a genuine comparison needs to take place to compare said artist with other artists and the current trend of music within the scene. Secondly, an artist needs to be looked at for what they are offering and whether their work is really that underrated or it is more to do with the quality, content or sound of their work.

Putting aside his ability to write and producer a track, Angel is an extremely talented vocalist. The fact is, the UK scene has struggled to produce a mass amount of R&B singers. Ella Mai, Jorja Smith, Mabel, Jessie J, Haile (WSTRN) and Jevon are just a few names. Following on from these names, there have been plenty of talented singers that have fallen to the way side… Loick Essien, Talay Riley and Mark Asari are just three names. Although these three are still in and around the music scene in the shape of song-writing and collaborating, for whatever reason, their vocals have never reached the potential they should.

This is no disrespect to the current crop of talent such as the stars that have been previously mentioned. It is more of a means to highlight that Angel should be held on the same pedestal as them.

Back in 2010, Angel dropped his debut mixtape Patience Is A Virtue. Following this, his EP 7 Minutes Before Time was dropped in 2012 which featured hits such as “Popstar” featuring Giggs and “Gleamin'” featuring Maxsta and Wiley. Both of these tracks highlighting Angel’s ability to use his vocals in a variety of ways and on a mixture of beats. Tracks such as “Go In Go Hard” featuring Wretch 32 put Angel’s name in the charts. This was followed by his his debut album About Time, released in 2013 which reached the UK Album Charts Top 50. Since then, Angel has not graced the charts but his music has remained consistently strong.

EP’s, Possession With Intent in 2014 and Her, in 2016, contained a solid mix of R&B, Trap, Pop, Rap and Hip-Hop that showcased not just Angel’s triple threat talent of singing, song-writing and producing. Most recently, he has dropped his latest album WOMAN. In all of these projects, he has used the skill of sampling some classic R&B hits to create melodies that work together smartly and smoothly. Mixing new and old sounds together perfectly such as Bobby Brown’s “Two Can Play That Game” in his track “Woman”.

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As well as his producing skills shown above, Angel’s song writing skills are apparent with credits being included on the likes of Rihanna, Cheryl Cole, Roll Deep and JLS’s work. Sitting on just under a quarter of a million listeners on Spotify, he has gained well over a million views on a number of Youtube videos. There is no way that these statistics are bad and his song writing credits speak volumes but the question remains as to why his talent is so underrated by the wider music world and music fans alike?

Is it that some artists are reluctant to use conventional R&B stars for features, instead being drawn to more auto-tune style hooks? Is the fact that most song writers and producers don’t get the credit they deserve? Is it, as previously mentioned, the fact that the UK scene seems to fail at building up R&B stars? Or is it us? Are us fans of the UK scene and music altogether letting Angel down?

It has been previously mentioned that Angel’s catalogue uses a variety of sounds and genres which makes it difficult to use the argument that the fall of conventional R&B is behind why artists like Angel are not held in higher esteem. It is also tough to say that Angel’s songwriting, producing or vocals wouldn’t be of use to any artist in the current scene. It appears that a mix of the music world failing to give credit for song writers and most producers and us fans building him up has most likely caused some people to see Angel as just an “R&B singer”. Sirach ‘Angel’ Charles is clearly an extremely talented individual whose work for the scene may not be fully appreciated properly until later into his career. Let’s change that.

Listen to Angel’s latest track “Blessings” below on Spotify:

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