Love Island: The Biggest Moments of 2019

So, it has now been a few nights since the Love Island Final and everyone and everything has settled down.

Over the total of 8 weeks, there has been laughs, tears, salmon diving craze and a tonne of plot twists, arguments and drama.

Here is a list of some of the biggest moments during the 2019 series with a full re-cap of all the drama that unfolded during them all…

Tommy, Lucie and Joe Triangle
While everyone was settling into the Villa and coupled up, Lucie & Joe were just enjoying getting to know eachother. Whilst Joe the Sandwich Maker was relaxing, he had been interrupted by a Ballroom Dancer and Light Heavyweight boxer. Whilst the Ballroom Dancer was no worry to his bonding with Lucie, the Light Heavyweight Boxer, Tommy Fury would be. Tommy decided to take Lucie on a date and actually couple up with Lucie for a brief period of time. Joe was stressin’ out but he eventually got his lady back as Lucie gravitated back to him. Makes the list for the pure and simple fact that it was the first bit of proper drama that occurred this year. The Love Triangle between these three did not last long but the aftermath of Lucie realising she still had feelings for Tommy created tension amongst Lucie & Molly-Mae and Lucie & Joe for the duration of their stays in the Love Island Villa.

Tommy, Maura and Molly-Mae Triangle
Tommy moves his attention to Molly-Mae after she picks him for a date. The pair hit it off and have not looked back since. Their first obstacle was the entrance of Maura though. The outspoken Irishwoman entered the Villa with her eyes firmly set on him. Tommy appeared to have had his head turned “560 degrees” by Maura. A couple of days of Tommy making up his mind followed but he decided to stick to Molly-Mae.

Tom & Maura Anti-Climatic Hide Away Drama
Before coupling up with Curtis, Maura did not have the best of times with boys in the Villa. Firstly Tommy deciding to pick Molly-Mae over her and here comes new Islander, Tom. Whilst Tommy has come out with some questionable statements that has made viewers question what the fuck he means, at least he knows how to respect a woman. Tom had been attracted to Maura and the feelings were mutual so when Maura gets a text to pick someone to go into the Hide Away with, the pair’s emotions run high. After some excitement, the girls whisk Maura off to pick something to wear whilst the boys are downstairs chatting to Tom about how he feels. The guy gets soooo gassed by the boys bigging him up that once Maura comes back downstairs to ask for Tom, he declares he would see if Maura is “all mouth”. She dashes him in the bin and tells him to fuck off. No words written or spoken are able to describe how awkward this was to watch but also how hilarious all the boys reactions were. Watch below:

Danny picks Arabella and sends Yewande home
During the whole series of Love Island, there are plenty of comings and goings amongst Islanders. Whilst some last from start to finish, many actually only last one week, maybe two. Arabella entered the Villa and took everyone by surprise. The model had caught the attention of Danny and Anton and the feelings were mutual. After a date with both of the boys, Arabella had taken her fancy with Danny but this was all going on whilst Yewande slowly started opening up to him. The girls in the Villa were piiiiissssed about this and this saw the first proper rift and tension brought over the Villa. Arabella and Danny were treading on egg shells as a recoupling loomed and Danny had to decide who he was going to pick. At the end of it, Danny picked Arabella which meant that Yewande was sent packing.

Michael Re-Couples with Joanna
Whilst Amber & Michael appeared to be on their way to becoming a certified/official couple, the drama of partner Villa, Casa Amor arrived. The girls went off to the new Villa whilst the boys remained where they were. Out of the boys to get their head turned, it did not appear that Michael would be one of them. It was soon apparent that viewers were going to witness Michael turn his back on Amber and his focus was all on Joanna. The big moment was when it came to the boys deciding whether they were going to couple up with any of the new girls. Michael made a speech and picked Joanna whilst Amber walked back into the Villa on her own. Arguments and drama spilled out from this moment on wards and the memes of Michael saying childish ensued…“CHALDISH”.

Curtis Has Doubts and Amy Leaves
During all the drama with Michael, Amber and Joanna, there was also another member of the Villa whose head had been turned. Curtis had started to have doubts over his and Amy’s half-boyfriend and half-girlfriend relationship. She was prepared to come back into the Villa and announce her love for the Ballroom Dancer but Curtis had other plans. In the end, Curtis and Amy called it off and Curtis decided he would be exploring other avenues and that he would be talking to other people. Amy was obviously smitten with Curtis and was not planning on talking to anyone but him so she decided to leave.

Anna Brings Ovie to the Villa from Casa Amor
Again, this moment was slightly overshadowed by the argument between Michael, Amber and Anna over Michael recoupling but nevertheless, it was still a big moment. Once Ovie entered Casa Amor, Anna was sold. She was so happy about his entrance that she even stated “Jordan who?” whilst speaking in the Casa Amor beach hut. Jordan took the whole situation like a real man and got himself back in there with Anna. The real reason behind this inclusion of this moment is actually the introduction of Ovie. Ovie became one of the most liked and genuine figures in the Villa and without Anna bringing him back into the Villa, we would of never heard “MESSAGE” every time a text came in.

Jordan tries it with India which brings unleashes Storm Anna
The most recent and arguably, the biggest argument of this series was the one that occurred between Anna and Jordan. Some would say it was not really an argument and more of a case of Anna shouting at Jordan with him occasionally inputting a word or maybe two. Jordan had asked Anna to be his girlfriend a couple of days prior to this but Jordan had clearly had second thoughts. Speculation remains as to whether this was due to the pair’s poor performance at public vote and he was looking for a way out or he was genuinely having second thoughts. He was hoping to hop on a plane straight to India but with India under Ovie’s rule, she was not interested. Well anyway, word spread around the Villa like wildfire and it was not long before Anna clocked and unleashed an orchestra of anger from her vocal chords.

Amber and Greg are the winners
Throughout the series, Tommy and Molly-Mae were arguably the strongest couple in the Villa. Following them officially becoming a couple, they rarely appeared to argue or disagree. It was almost bookies favourite for them to become the latest Love Island winners. During the Final, it was left with very new couple, Amber & Greg and Tommy & Molly-Mae but it was the former that took home the crown and the 50K. Whilst, Amber and Greg are very much liked by the public, it was still a big shock seeing as Tommy and Molly-Mae were set on favourites for the majority of this series.

Although the series is over for another year, ITV2 have confirmed that TWO series of Love Island will be coming to our TV sets next year…

If you have missed any episodes or want to re-watch the whole series then you are able to do so via the ITV Player.

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