Latest: Introduction to New Character in #SWIL2 Episode 3

In the latest episode of #SWIL2, we see the introduction of one of the series new characters…Gabrielle. Born in Paris, the painter/dancer instructor and great nephew of Banksy is looking to present his work to the masses. His first client wants a self portrait but does not exactly follow her direct instructions in regards to what she would look the picture to look like…

Onto Dr Ofori and he has just come away from his daughters school where he had a chat with Mr Wood in regards to her attendance and behaviour. On the way back, he spots Phillipa at the bus stop. If you have watched #SWIL1 then you will know exactly who Phillipa is. During one of his Uber journeys in Series 1, Ofori picks up Phillipa and her friend. Ofori attempts to get her number but fails. On this second chance, he gives it another go.

Patrick is having a day off so we get to meet his long-term girlfriend for the first time and is on a high following his promotion.

Big Shaq is also on a high following his friends release from prison and his BURSMENT. He is at the jewellers looking to expand his collection of watches and chains. The jeweller is not held in the highest of regard with Big Shaq so things end up getting a little bit heated, particularly when it appears Big Shaq’s card is playing up.

Watch Episode 3 of #SWIL2 on Michael Dapaah’s Youtube channel below:

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