Love Island: Ranking every Islander’s time in the Villa

The Love Island series is coming to a close. Tonight, the final episode of the series will air and we will find out who will be crowned the winning couple of Love Island 2019.

A total of 36 Islanders have appeared on the show this year. Some have lasted longer than others, some have spoken more than others and some have seen more action than others.

With that being said, we have decided to take a look at every single Islander and see how they have got on this year. We took into account, their impact on the Villa but also how successful their time on the show has been.

Daniel entered the Casa Amor Villa but only entered the main Villa to say his goodbyes. In a previous Love Island article, we stated that some Islanders do struggle to come in during Casa Amor due to the competition. Unfortunately, for Daniel, he did not really receive much airtime and we barely recall him speaking. Like many Casa Amor counterparts from previous series, Daniel will not go down in Love Island folk law.
Highlight: ?

As with Daniel, Maria did not get much opportunity to announce herself into the series during her sparing appearances in the main Villa, whilst the girls were at Casa Amor. We actually questioned whether she even made it into the Love Island Beach Hut.
Highlight: We are struggling here guys…

Had more of an impact than Maria and Daniel just because she did actually get into the Love Island Beach Hut. Although she did not last any longer than the Casa Amor stint, she did at least do the worm on national television. Great work.
Highlight: Doing the worm dance for a challenge. Although it was not as good as Francesca’s, it was still impressive.

Thought Lavena would end up staying and be picked. Initially started chatting too Jordan and then onto Danny. Unfortunately for her, Jordan realised he really liked Anna and Danny fell for Jourdan so she was not picked but at least she did speak throughout her appearances on the series.
Highlight: Predicted heads would turn during the new girls time in the main Villa. “We all know what happens on a lads holiday”, I mean, her prediction was correct with what ended up occurring during Casa Amor.

In close competition with Daniel for the fewest words spoken. George only makes it this high up the list for the fact he actually got into the Villa but he did clearly have a slight impact on the Villa. Whilst his coupling up with Lucie was not a success and thus his stay in the Villa did not last long, he did appear to have struck up a good friendship with Ovie.
Highlight: Asking Lucie what her favourite snack is as a way to start conversation.

The bloke stuck his foot right in it. Basically stated that Tommy was an airhead after being in Casa Amor for all of 5 minutes. The guy had a chance with Lucie and looked like he might make it back to the Villa with her but in the end, was not picked. Probably would of got higher had he made it back to the Villa.
Highlight: Stating to Lucie that he was concerned if he went if for a kiss with her, she would pie him off. She states “oh no…” and as she does, he leans in and starts lispin’ her.

Similar story to Stevie with it looking like he would make it back to the Villa with Maura but in the end, Maura picked Marvin over him. Spoke too much about himself according to Maura but with like all the Islanders from Casa Amor, how much they spoke is really affecting their position on this list.
Highlight: Talking about himself rather than getting to know Maura.

Whilst Sherif was actually chucked out of the Villa, he did get on with Anna initially and had he not left, who knows where they would of gone. The guy had some good moments during his short stay.
Highlight: Telling Anna that he follows her on Instagram. Smooth.

The first Islander to be dumped. Started off well but could not break down the wall of Amber. Makes it up the list due to his attempts with Amber but also chatting to Molly-Mae as well. The guy was not afraid to give it a go and at least he spoke.
Highlight: Telling Amber that he likes her sunglasses and that she suits them but to then only be told he does not suit his sunglasses by Amber.

Entered the Villa with Maura but unfortunately for her, Maura was so out there and forward that Elma ended up taking a back seat. She got on well with Anton but things ended up petering out. Tom entered the Villa and whilst he was interested in her, Maura was interested in Tom and thus tensions ensued from there on. Anton decided to keep another Islander in when it came to a new recoupling.
Highlight: She stood up for herself during a heated argument with Maura and actually kinda’ proved that Maura was in the wrong.

Made it back to the Villa from Casa Amor thanks to Maura. Things did not blossom with Maura and although he attempted chat up Amber, he failed quite badly. At least, like Callum, he gave it a go. Maybe he should of not of given up the Football to go on the show but he did score a banger in one of the challenges.
Highlight: Slotting home a wicked shot during a blindfolded football challenge.

Boy oh boy. Tom was doing so well with Maura until he literally scored an own goal. The scene was set in the Hide Away for him and Maura. After uttering a few very dumb and disrespectful words about Maura to the boys and then actually to her own face. He was done for. He made a comeback that was short-lived. More dumb words about Maura made there way back to her and she had had enough.
Highlight: The way he said “Fuck sake” after fucking it up with Maura (the first time).

Joe the Sandwich man was love struck on Lucie. Felt threatened beyond belief when Tommy entered and took his girl. Joe got back with Lucie and was clearly smitten with her but still felt the pressure from Tommy. Public vote ended up sending him home. Question marks raised over how keen he was.
Highlight: Describing his perfect sandwich?

Lucie took the award for being the most indecisive individual on this years Love Island. She couldn’t work out if she liked Joe or if she liked Tommy but it turns out, all a long she liked Tommy. This only became apparent later on during her stay. We actually previously described her situation whilst in a love triangle with the pair, as the same as when Kelly Rowland used Excel to text Nelly back in the “Dilemma” video. Well, it turns out that this was a perfect way to describe her whole situation and stay in the Love Island Villa.
Highlight: Screaming at Michael like she had been possessed during a jokey challenge that saw the girls test the boys to their fitness limits.

Arrived with Chris and it appeared that she may have caught the eye of Curtis. Maura swooped in for Curtis during the sensual dancing challenge and it was basically game over. No one else in the Villa took her fancy but she was a good sport and definitely adding some entertainment to the Villa.
Highlight: In the lead up to doing a Salmon dive into the pool, Francesca does a 10/10 worm dance.

Arrived with India and appeared to gain a connection with Chris. Probably a bit dramatic during Chris’s little fuck up during one of the challenges. Her stay was not that long but her and Chris appeared to be very genuine. The relationship kept Chris in the Villa for longer than probably initially expected as well.
Highlight: Following on from telling Chris that she grew up in London, she proceeds to do a cockney accent and smashes it to be fair.

The girl that turned Danny’s head and caused a rift in the Villa. Ultimately, that was Arabella’s only contribution but it was a big one that had an even bigger knock on effect. She seemed nice enough during her short stay in the Villa.
Highlight: ERRRMMMMM…Causing Curtis to shit his pants when seeing her laying by the pool during her first morning?

Came into the Love Island Villa after Danny picked her to stay. Airtime was limited but she had some good moments. Also, without her intention, she made a huge impact on the outlook of the Villa. Caused Curtis’s head to turn and quite possibly had one of the best/worst friend-zone speeches for him.
Highlight: Her friend-zone speech was worthy of a Oscar. Cringe worthy and awkward. That, or thinking Barcelona was in Italy.

Unfairly treated by Danny and was a very likeable character in the Villa. Her stay was short-lived and unfortunately could not find anyone else that would sweep her off her feet in time.
Highlight: Schooling the other Islanders with intelligence.

Had Joanna come in before Casa Amor, things may have been different. Turned Michael’s head and she was always wary of what Amber was thinking but also wary of what Michael’s real intentions were.
Highlight: Calling Michael a snake because he didn’t say he would be leaving with her.

Michael and Jordan appeared to take notes from Danny’s book after he left. The lad from Hull hit it off with Yewande when he entered the Villa. The two of them got on really well and appeared to be getting closer and closer. Danny was reluctant to carry things on though when Yewande was failing to open up more to him. Arabella entered and things went south for their relationship. The girls swiftly turned on him and things with Arabella did not last long either. Up steps Jourdan and third time lucky, Danny finds himself a girl. The pair left the Villa after they fell short at the public vote.
Highlight: His contribution to the Harry Potter impressions.

Has come in towards the end but has not been short of suitors in the Villa. Although she has not really staked a claim in the Villa like others, it is clearly tough when coming in so late. Chris was taken on a date by India and they appeared to get on but Ovie was the one that swooped in.
Highlight: Managing to successful throw and stick cucumber slices onto Chris’s back.

The last Islander to enter the Villa and immediately hit it off with Amber. Surprising to the public and Amber herself as she stated plenty of times it takes a lot for someone to “woo” her. Greg was picked over Michael in a re-coupling showdown and although he has not been in there long, has clearly been a hit with Amber.
Highlight: Pretending to be Molly-Mae on her final date with Tommy and stating “oh elle belle do you hear that categorically“. A dig at her using the word categorically about 10 times earlier in the series.

For someone that came in so late, he actually had a huge impact on the Villa. Became a joker of the Villa with his strange antics and jokes, but everyone enjoyed it. Hit it off with Harley too and after SLIGHTLY fucking up with her, he made it up to her. After Maura’s comment stating that everyone loved him in the Villa, it was hard to place Chris any lower.
Highlight: The introduction of the Salmon dive into the pool

Came into the Villa having never been in a relationship. Fell head over heels for Curtis and thought she was set for life. Curtis clearly shit his pants at these thoughts and decided to call it off. Amy left the Villa early due to not wanting to get in the way of Curtis and his happiness. Real respectful move from Amy.
Highlight: Social media erupted as Amy started taking two stairs at a time whilst walking upstairs and although this is perfectly normal, it looked really strange.

Did not hit it off with Anna, then Elma came along but again it did not work out, Arabella decided to pick Danny over him. Eventually, Casa Amor came and Belle swept Anton away. This time around, he had a match. Since then, he has fucked up on a couple of occasions by giving his number to a shop assistant and kissing Anna (as a part of a challenge) in front of her. The couple are still going strong. Both Anton and Belle were dumped from the Villa last night due to public vote. Anton did well considering his start.
Highlight: Just waking up and finding out that Arabella had just entered the Villa, Anton ran upstairs to get himself showered, cleaned up and spraying aftershave to impress her. Walks out to her and acts as if he has just woken up. Equally, in the first ever recoupling of the series, Anna stated “he’s got an amazing body”. Anton smirked, thinking he was to be picked until Anna actually announced it was Sherif that she was picking to recouple with.

In our first Love Island article, about the first batch of Islanders, we stated that Michael started off slow but his Love Island experience would pick up by eventually match up with someone. This he did (just call us Mystic Meg) and he and Amber had the potential to make it to the final. Michael’s head turned when Casa Amor approached and even more so, when Joanna approached. Fucked up the whole system and seemed confused by his own actions by the end.
Highlight: Shouting CHALDISH at Amber during an argument following his recoupling with Joanna.

Arguably a bit backwards with her viewpoints and approach to situations. Either way, she lasted a long time and clearly had something with Jordan. Brought a lot to the series, particularly in terms of arguments. Sadly, her argumentative skills were very short of anything close to decent.
Highlight: Going absolutely ballistic at Jordan for chatting to India and saying he likes her.

The joker of the whole series. Classic one liners and new phrases were being derived from Jordan every week. That is WEEESTTTT. Everyone on the outside thought the series was over for him after Ovie took Anna. Arguably made a better comeback to the series than anyone has ever done. A history maker for sure. Only let himself down at the final hurdle with trying to chat up India and then getting blown over by Storm Anna.
Highlight: His Harry Potter impressions of Ron Weasley and Heromoine Granger.

Out of all the new Islanders to come in during Casa Amor, Belle has been the best. Belle is not afraid to speak her mind and let others know what she is thinking. She is a real one and is clearly smitten with Anton. Had she not arrived, Anton may have been a gonna a long time ago.
Highlight: Belle’s impressions of the other Islanders, particularly Maura was so on point.

Curtis (Young Lady)
Became the go too guy for giving advice when other Islanders were in need of help. The opinions he has been giving out appear to have recently been questioned but he has clearly had a huge impact on the Villa. Although things did not fully flourish with Amy, he appears to have found something with Maura.
Highlight: Had some fairly stupid moments to be fair but do not think one tops the moment he thought Amy was kissing him in the Kissing Challenge when in fact it was Arabella. He gave it a 10/10. He was sorry about it.

Does not fail to speak her mind which has caused the pot to stir quite a few times. The introduction was just the start with her declaring how eyes were just on Tommy but after failing to get the boxer, she had a couple more failed attempts with other Islanders before getting with Curtis. She has showed she is a real one with telling Anna what Curtis had previously told her about Jordan’s plans with India.
Highlight: After arguing with Tom, she shouts; “Which part do you not understand? The fuck or the off?”

Fiery but eventually showed her soft side as the weeks went by. Amber was unfairly treated by Michael but has found happiness in Greg and remains the only one left from the original girls to first walk into the Villa.
Highlight: Has kept it real throughout the series. Picking Greg over Michael was probably her highlight.

How genuine she is, has been questioned throughout the whole time she has been in there. Without her, we may not have ever seen the Tommy that we are currently witnessing now. She does appear to be genuine but only time will tell on that matter.
Highlight: Stacking it down the stairs (unhurt obviously)

Tommy has become the pin up of this years series. He started strong with attracting the attention of a lot of the girls but ultimately, picked Lucie. Things fell flat with Lucie after Joe had made his way back. Tommy has stuck with Molly_Mae from basically the start. One of the strongest couples in the Villa was formed between Tommy and Molly-Mae.
Highlight: Finding out the difference between normal coffee and decaf coffee.

Messsage! Teaching fellow Islanders and the public about Menace to Society Whilst Drinking Juice in the Hood, how to season food and generally supplying pure comedy gold. The man has supplied it all. We must thank Anna for bringing Ovie back to the Villa from Casa Amor. The guy did not have it easy (love wise) to begin with. Sparked up a great friendship with Amber that people wanted to see turn romantic. Although it did not end up that way, India came into the Villa just in time. The Basketball player is a chilled guy in a frantic reality show. Regardless of whether he wins, he has come across as a chilled guy that some say, should win it by himself.
Highlight: During an episode of Love Island, Unseen Bits, Chris stated that the world is run by reptiles. This gassed Ovie right up, so much so that he went on to give the other Islanders his explanation/conspiracy theory that reptilians rule the world.

Watch the preview for tonight’s Final episode on ITV2’s Youtube below:

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