Entertainment Videos of the Week #2: Teyana Taylor, Chunkz, A$AP Ferg, BETA Squad & more

Back again with a weekly dose of varying Entertainment videos…

GQ’s Couple Quiz – Teyana Taylor and Iman Shumpert
Teyana Taylor & Iman Shumpert take part in GQ’s Couples Quiz that see’s Teyana quiz Iman on how well he really know’s her…

BaileyTV plays Knock Down Ginger on LV
For any readers outside of the UK, Knock Down Ginger is a game whereby someone will knock on someones door at run. The name has plenty of different names but the sake of this video, it’s called Knock Down Ginger. Anyway, BaileyTV decides to play this on his good friend LV General and it should only be played on people you know but LV’s reaction is still jokes…

GQ – 10 Essential Items with A$AP Ferg
GQ finds out the 10 essential items that A$AP Ferg needs to have…

BETA Squad – Biggest Food Challenge
BETA Squad have dropped their weekly Challenge video. This week, the group have to create the biggest pizza, with the losers taking a forfeit…

Chunkz and LV do a Bunjee Jump
Back to LV and Chunkz and whilst still on their tour of Asia, they visit an amusement park in Singapore. Taking part in a Bunjee Jump, as you can probably tell from the thumbnail, the reaction from the pair is hilarious…

No Jumper – Blac Youngsta Interview and his love for Stranger Things
Blac Youngsta is a real personality in the US Rap scene. The rapper is a confident and hilarious musician that took the time out to sit down with Adam22 for a No Jumper podcast/interview. Below is a snippet from this interview where he discusses, TV shows such as Stranger Things and clubbing…

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