Love Island: Re-Cap, the Last Stretch and why Ovie should win regardless

So last week, we took a look at some of the Love Island Plot Twists Yet to Happen before the end of this years series.

Two of those five plot twists that we predicted that may happen, are now, just not going to happen but the other three are still very much on. Ultimately, the series is now coming to a close and it is highly unlikely that anyone new is going to come in. This scraps away our prediction of an already old dumped Islander coming back. Also, it does not look like Amber and Ovie will be getting closer than just friends anytime soon.

This does not mean though that Michael & Amber may be getting back together, Tom & Molly-Mae may not win and Maura & Curtis may actually win…

The past week has probably been one of the most shit-stormy in this years series of Love Island. Last weekend, the public had been voting on their favourite couple in the Villa and last week, Anna & Jordan along with Michael & Joanna were the bottom two couples. Their fellow Islanders had to, firstly, decide which couple they wanted to keep and Anna & Jordan were saved. Following this, the Islanders then had to decide who they wanted to keep out of Michael & Joanna and purely based on how long he had been there for, Michael was saved. Michael claimed he found all he wanted BUT did not say he would be leaving with Joanna. Joanna was PIIISSSED and called Michael a snake. CHALDISH. Michael did not want to chat to anyone during this brief moment but after some dramatic suspense and clear ‘Ip-Dip-Sky-Blue-It-Is-Not-You’…He decided not to leave.

It has now turned out that Michael actually does like Amber still. This followed after Amber was taken on a date by Irish Rugby player, Greg. Man like Greg was not shy to state that he fancied Amber and in the recoupling that occurred this week, she picked the Irishman.

All this drama got us feeling like Ovie did during the Island Club last weekend…

During the week, three new Islanders entered the frame with Harley and India taking Chris and Ovie on dates whilst already mentioned Greg taking Amber. Harley chose Ovie and the pair seemed to get along and India caught Chris’s eye but these four have since change directions. Ovie grabbed the eye on India and he slam dunked his opportunity with ease. Chris has since started talking and getting on with Harley. Ovie has been one of the most consistently funny and outright real Islanders this year. The guy just chills and does not appear to care that much for the drama. If Ovie could win by himself then fuck it, crown the guy but with that being said, him and India, potentially, could make it to the final?

Looking at the preview for tonight’s episode, there is going to be another dumping following a public vote. Michael and Francesca, on paper, look the most vulnerable to leave…

Watch the preview for tonight’s episode on ITV2’s Youtube below:

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