The Power of ‘Home Sweet Home’

This week Kano dropped two new tracks that are due to feature on his up and coming album, Hoodies All Summer. Kano’s sixth studio album will drop on August 30th and the anticipation for this album is extremely high.

Stopping for a second, pressing rewind on time and pressing play on this time 14 years ago specifically. In July 2004, Kano’s debut album Home Sweet Home had been out on CD shelves for just over a month. Although the likes of iTunes and Youtube were shortly approaching, hard copies of CD’s were still the main source of listening to an album.

Fast forward to present day where albums are streamed from various sites and platforms, music is much more accessible, new artists are more easily heard and yet Home Sweet Home is still stands strong. The album sits as one of the most iconic and highly acclaimed albums in the UK urban scene. Although the tracks are now well over a decade old, the likes of as “P and Q’s”, “Home Sweet Home” and “Mic Check 1-2” still sound fresh to the ears today. The grimey hard bass and fast claps of “Mic Check 1-2” would not go amiss from the scene today.

Kano’s Home Sweet Home album followed in the footsteps of The Street’s 2002 Original Pirate Material, Dizzee Rascal’s 2003 album Boy In Da Corner and Wiley’s 2004 Treddin’ on Thin Ice. These albums played huge roles in allowing the early Grime and UK Rap years to flourish. Not much more highlights this than the fact Home Sweet Home has been certified Gold and reached the Top 50 in the UK Album charts. This was all during a time when the the urban culture and scene were barely being recognised in the mainstream.

The 16 track album includes only a few features but when the features are from fellow UK greats Ghetts, D Double E, The Streets and Leo the Lion..A few is enough. The album is also blessed with producing from the mastermind, Fraser T Smith and a Grime producing pioneer in DaVinChe. Kano brought not just Grime to the forefront but UK Rap, Hip-Hop, R&B and Garage were fitted into the album as well.

Following the release of Home Sweet Home, Kano arrived back after a couple of years later with London Town, followed by 140 Grime Street a year later and Method to the Maadness in 2010. As stated by ourselves in plenty of our articles, the UK scene around the early 2010’s was not what is it today. Kano went on somewhat of a hiatus and no projects were released until he made an amazing return after six years and Made in the Manor was released in 2016.

Some artists fade away and struggle to make come backs but an artist of Kano’s stature and respect is not easy to come by in the music scene and although not a rarity, it is not common either. Kano has stuck out in the UK urban music scene as a true great.

For many up and coming artists, Home Sweet Home would of been released during their childhood and it would be no surprise if Kano and the album is cited as influences to their work. Let’s just say that if there was ever a textbook for creating a successful UK Grime/Rap album then Home Sweet Home will easily find its place inside that book.

Hoodies All Summer will be out on all platforms on August 30th.

Watch the short film for “Trouble” and “Class of Deja” on Kano’s Youtube below:

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