Some of the UK Entertainers and Comedians that paved the way for others

Watching the impressive rises of UK entertainers and comedians such as Michael Dapaah through to Mo Gilligan, has been a great sight. Much like the music scene, the entertainment scene is finally getting the recognition that is has deserved for years. The creativity and comedic value has always be apparent but it has never been really appreciated or quite reached the heights it should have. Finally, it is slowly breaching the prime time television channels and media outlets.

Just with any rise, there is always foundations and people that came before the current crop. We take a look at just a few of the UK entertainers and comedians that have helped path the way and build the foundations for the Urban Entertainment and Comedy scene of today.

Jazzie Zonzolo
The actor and comedian has been around for years and his workrate is impeccable. With his show Jazzie Show featuring on Channel AKA/Channel U, Jazzie also used the growth of Youtube to his advantage. As a basis for his work and Jazzie Show, his videos and sketches have amassed millions of views over the years. BBC Comedy picked up the likes of “Mugger Suprise” which currently sits on over 2 million views on Youtube. As an actor, the comedian has worked closely with Adam Deacon and appeared in the popular UK film, Anuvahood. In 2013, Jazzie had another acting appearance in the British action/thriller film, Fedz. More recently, Jazzie has his own show, Jazzie’s Barbers which is featured on Z by UniDays Youtube show, as well as featuring on their podcast videos.

Eddie Kadi
Being award status of Best Comedy Newcomer by winning the BECA Award in 2006. Eddie Kadi went on to sell out shows in 2009 for the indigo part of the O2 arena. Just like Jazzie, Eddie also featured in Anuvahood, as well as the UK action/thriller film entitled Shank, released in 2010. For some strange reason, Kadi has never really received the mainstream recognition that he should of. Eddie Kadi is still going strong and is regarded as one of the first top comedies out of the Urban UK Entertainment scene. The comedian recently made a appearance at Michael Dapaah’s premiere for the second season of his Youtube series, SWIL (Somewhere in London). The comedian is clearly all about supporting the new and up and coming UK entertainment scene and comedy field.

Tolulope Ogunfunme Dnt Jealous Me/T-Boy
DntJealousMe is his Youtube Channel and T-Boy is his persona. The comedian was releasing comedy videos on the likes of Youtube back in 2008 and 2009. The comedian reached large audiences and his image only grew. Much like comedians to follow, such as Michael Dapaah with his multiple personas and sketches, Ogunfunme became renowned and highly praised for his hilarious sketches. Whilst focusing on his own profile is important, after building himself up, he has not been shy to help other comedians coming up into the scene. This is showcased the most in his “Big Rick” skit which see’s the inclusion of other comedians Big Tipper and Mikes Comedy. The comedian has also turned his head to acting with him featuring in Sky One’s Sick Note and more recently, Man Like Mobeen.

Poet (Poets Corner)
To younger viewers/readers, Poet has just been around a few years presenting the likes of Copa90 and more recently, Gasworks on Boiler Room TV. This is wrong, Poet has been around for years. The presenter and entertainer gained huge attention through his own ‘Poets Corner’ series on Youtube. This grew into a series that could not be ignored and his image grew from there on. He has not been someone to shy away from letting his feelings known and not changing to fit in particular roles. Striking up a strong presenting partnership with fellow entertainer David Vujanic, the entertainer has undoubtedly influenced many since him.

There are plenty of other entertainers and comedies that have also helped path the way for the current crop of entertainers and comedians out there but also the future. The likes of Chunkz, Filly, Uncle Ed, Stevo The Mad Man, Kayode Ewuni (Roll Safe) and others.

The UK Urban Entertainment and Comedy scene is in a great place right now and hopefully it is only going to sustain and build on the current success and popularity it is experiencing. Mainstream channels and media outlets should be paying attention to these acts.

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