Latest: Worth the Wait for Episode 1, Season 2 of SWIL

It has been a two year wait but Episode 1 is an indication that the wait was worth it…Season 2 of Michael Dapaah’s, SWIL (Somewhere In London) is now here.

It brings the return of Big Shaq, Patrick and Dr Ofori and the introduction of a new character Damien.

Dapaah wants to keep things fresh and the new character is exactly that. Damien, the American is trying to make it as an actor but unfortunately, only finds himself being cast as a film extra…

Patrick is carrying on his Community Officer. Rolling around town on a scooter, checking parking tickets but he is still aiming to make up the ladder and get to be a detective…Is he able to eventually pass his test though?

Dr Ofori is still driving his Uber, as well as sticking to his counselling. His first set of passengers for Season 2 are a trio that are on their way to a robbery. Ofori recognises one of the passengers though and has other plans!

Big Shaq has gone up in the world, handing out “TWWOO N AN ARRRRFF” for his friend whilst at his birthday BBQ. He also finds out the fate of MC Quakes from his former manager. It appears that MC Quakes is now working at IKEA but his former manager has plenty of ideas for Big Shaq.

Make sure you look after your Mum and Dad as well. Certain man get money ‘n that ‘n your Dad is still a dinner lady…What’s goin’ on?

Apperances from Rapman, Chunkz, Yung Filly and Likkle Man make a great start to the season and we cannot wait to see who else will be making apperances in future episodes.

Stay tuned for Episode 2 coming next week, in which we will hopefully be seeing the introduction of another new character…

Watch the Episode 1 of Season 2 SWIL on Michael Dapaah’s Youtube below:

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