Love Island: The Plot Twists Yet to Happen

This years Love Island is now on the final stretch…

There is around two/three weeks left and a lot of people are stating that the winners are already in place, with Molly-Mae and Tommy becoming the strongest couple. Last week, they rode the wave that was Casa Amor and have seen themselves become an officially a couple.

This week, there has been plenty of drama with a total of six Islanders leaving and two new ones coming in. This week alone shows that there is surely a plot twist yet to happen.

Here we look back at the past weeks drama and also, the potential plot twits waiting to happen…

Amber and Ovie couple up (as a proper couple)
As much as the public want it…Unlikely to happen. It would be a huge plot twist though. Amber’s feelings for Michael are clear and really, these two have friend zoned eachother. The pair are great friends and this tweet sums it up…


Amber and Michael get back together
After Casa Amor, you would be mistaken for thinking that Michael and Amber were in the dust. The fact is, it has been well over a week now and the fiasco is still ongoing. The rumours and opinions floating around the Villa are that Michael is still keeping his eye on Amber. Amber still has clear feelings for Michael and this was only proven when Marvin tried and failed and Chris tried (a lot better than Marvin) but also failed. Michael is way too proud to admit he is wrong but the potential for it to happen is there.

Tommy and Molly-Mae split/will not win
Whilst it is highly unlikely this will happen, this years Love Island has had its fair share of what the fuck moments that the possibility of this one happening is still there. As stated, the whole series has about two or three weeks left and anyone could come in. In all honesty, the couple will probably not split but their chances of winning may not be straight forward. A lot of people are looking at Tommy and Molly-Mae as winners just due to the fact they are the only proper couple left. Anyone else couples up and becomes a fan favourite, which can happen quickly, means Tommy and Molly-Mae’s chances may become just that bit slimmer.

Maura and Curtis win
Just as we stated about Tommy and Molly-Mae getting over taken by another couple…The other couple in question could be Maura and Curtis. People have stated that Maura and Curtis are a proper strange equation. Obvious to see, Maura wants Curtis to salsa himself all over her and the potential for them to couple up is there. If another recoupling arrives soon then it is not unimaginable that either Maura or Curtis picks one another. Do the public prefer Maura and Curtis over Tommy and Molly-Mae? Probably.

Dumped Islander comes back
So, this would be an interesting one. The big problem is, out all the Islanders already dumped, barely any of them would make a difference or change the perspective of the Villa. Jourdan could come back and she might turn the heads of Curtis and Ovie but she is (seemingly) happy with fellow Islander, Danny on the outside. Taking the recent dumpings into consideration, Marvin has literally just left, George would not speak a word and Lucie would still obsess over Tommy but cause no trouble.

All of these ‘plot twists’, ‘predictions’ or ‘drama’ could be completely pissed up the wall after tonight’s episode. We will hear Caroline Flack dramatically say, ‘The public have been voting on who their favourite couple in the Villa is…’ so one couple is on their way out tonight…

Watch the preview for tonight’s episode on ITV2’s Youtube below:

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