Michael Dapaah Premiers Season 2 of SWIL

Michael Dapaah has become one of the front runners of the UK comedy and entertainment scene in the past few years…

Known for his sketches and mock-characters, Michael Dapaah grew prominence with his SWIL (Somewhere In London series).

SWIL (Somewhere In London) is a Youtube series/mockumentary that follows four different members of society, how they go about their daily lives and their attempts to reach success. The first series was a success and once the character, Big Shaq, had his break with “Man’s Not Hot”, the whole series took off. The Introduction to SWIL series 1 boasts over 1 million views to date.

The anticipation for a second series has been huge. Earlier this month, Dapaah released the trailer for the second series of SWIL via his Youtube channel.

Watch the trailer to the SWIL Series 2 on Michael Dapaah’s Youtube channel below:

Whilst characters, Dr Ofori, Patrick and Big Shaq are making returns, there will be two new characters brought into the series. MC Quakes appears to have taken a back seat but we would not be surprised he if still makes an appearance. The painter/artist and an American character are the two new characters that viewers will be following in Series 2.

Last night, Michael Dapaah, friends and entertainers alike came together to celebrate and fully premiere the release of the series.

The event was held with fellow UK comedians, Eddie Kadi and also Mo Gillingan being in attendance on the night. Chunkz, Hakkz and other well known UK entertainers were also in the building.

Michael Dapaah’s rise and success has been an amazing one to watch. We are sure that the second series of SWIL will be just as much of a success as the initial one.

The new series of SWIL is set to start on 16th July via Youtube…

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