Love Island: Casa Amor Contestants and how they would of fared from the start

Casa Amor brings it all…The drama, head turning, the secrets and much more. This year, the girls from the Love Island Villa made their way out to the Casa Amor Villa, which is just a stones throw away from the main Villa.

Whilst the girls got settled into their new environment for a few days, in comes some fresh faces. A combined total of twelve new Islanders enter with six new boys heading to Casa Amor and six new girls heading into the main Villa.

Time wise, Casa Amor is usually neatly placed in the show to really test the ‘strong’ couples. This makes it extremely hard for some of the twelve new Islanders to stake a claim. There usually ends up being one or two that shine through and manage to stay but realistically, most of them get about two minutes TV time and then are sent on their way.

This year, only three new girls were picked and three new boys were picked. This left six other Islanders (quick Maths) that were sent home. This got us thinking, how would these twelve new Islanders fare if they were put onto the show at the start ORRR if they came in separately as new Islanders.

The Girls

Hit it off with Anton straight away and is one of the three girls to have been picked to stay in the main Villa. The girl is already shaving Anton’s crack…Madness. Based on how things are going now with Anton, Belle would of done well in Villa. Whether she would of ended up with Anton will forever be unknown. She has not got that much airtime but had she been in from the start or come in on her own, would of lasted a couple of weeks at least.

Shut down Curtis with a cliche friend-zone speech that was felt by the whole nation…The “I need you as a friend” line was uttered and Curtis’s chances were done for. Curtis really tried it on with her as his head fully turned. Jourdan had her eyes firmly set on Danny after initially speaking to name sake, Jordan. She has since coupled up with Danny after the two got on a bit more than anyone else in the Villa. Just like Belle, maybe even more so, Jourdan would have been absolutely fine with fitting in. The girl knows what she wants and what she likes.

The last one of the three girls to be picked to remain in the Villa. Michael had his head turned up Joanna as Michael was her type too. Michael saw the potentially in Joanna to cause him less stress than Amber had, apparently, already done. The pair appear to be getting on but cracks are starting to show (particularly with tonight’s preview) between them as Amber tries to get her man back. Michael is treading on thin ice and Joanna definitely has a place in the Villa has every boy was interested in her when she entered.

Joanna – Credit: ITV2

Things seemed to be going well with Danny as they spent the first night together. That was the highlight. Again, much like the majority of the other Casa Amor contestants, the lack of airtime proved the downfall. Had Lavena received more airtime then she would of done well in the Villa for sure.

Underrated. Sadly did not get enough airtime and her only highlight is a poor attempt at the worm. Clearly did not hit it off with any of the other Islanders and goes home early. Difficult to tell how she would of fared in the Villa, timing was clearly a problem in a dancing but also the fact she did not click with anyone in the Villa whilst there.

I mean, Maria and Daniel would go perfect together. I am not sure Maria muttered a word after her introduction. We are actually pretty sure she did not even get a scene in the Love Island Hut.

The Boys

The boy didn’t say a word did he? Like literally, we struggled to remember his name. As with many people that enter during Casa Amor, Daniel got the shit end of the stick as airtime was rationed. Do not really know about him as he barely spoke or had a ‘connection’ with anyone. Maybe unfair to say he would not of lasted in the main Villa as he did barely get any airtime. Daniel could of been one of the camera or producing crew and no one would of been any the wiser about it. Least he got a few days in the sun.

Dennon thought the deal with Maura was sealed until he turned out he did not actually shut the fuck up. Maura wants the attention on her and Dennon did not really care. Had Dennon actually listened to Maura a bit more than he, undoubtedly, would of entered with her to the Villa. He would of fared fairly well in the main Villa but he chatted as much as Maura said he did then might of got on people’s nerves.

Dennon chats to Maura – Credit: ITV2

The professional basketball player aka. Mr. Steal Your Girl. The guy swept Anna off her feet. Brought back to the Villa with Anna and everything seemed all good until Anna realised Jordan had not recoupled. The pair have since stagnated with Anna not sure what she wants. Ovie does not take shit and will not deal with any of it. The preview for tonight’s episode shows that. Ovie would flourish no matter of the time he had entered the Villa for the exact reason stated previously. Had Ovie entered at the start, his and Anna’s stories may of been completely different. The pair potentially could have been an established couple by now.

Ovie and Anna – Credit: ITV2

The third boy to be allowed entry to the Villa. Marvin made a last minute swoop for Maura. The geezer had been stood at the back post for the whole match and in the 90+5 minute, dived and struck the ball in the back of the net for the winner. With that being said, Marvin is in danger of becoming boring and fading away due to Maura stating that they have not even kissed. From what we have seen so far, Marvin would not last in the Villa, no matter the time that he entered. Fortunes may change if a new girl came in soon but he would seriously have to up his communication skills.

You gotta’ feel sorry for Daniel when the next guy to say barely anything in Casa Amor was George, and he got into the main Villa. The looks took him over the line with Lucie fancying him but it does not appear to be working. The airtime for George is not really there but he has not exactly grasped onto his opportunities. Earlier in the week, we saw George ask Lucie what her favourite snacks are, after her fairly straightforward reply, the stern faced George tried to revive the chat but it flopped. Slightly reminds us of Callum and well, he went home long ago sooooo…The future does not look hopeful for Georgey boy.

George and his snacks – Credit: ITV2

Clearly did not give a fuck at first as he basically stated that Tommy is a airhead in front of Molly-Mae. I mean, this put Stevie at a right disadvantage from the get go. Molly-Mae was fully set on Tommy but Stevie really did destroy any small, small chance he may have had with her. This is forgetting the fact that if he had made it back into the Villa, he would be faced with Tommy and the potential of his comment being regurgitated. Stevie the student in one corner and Tommy, the professional boxer in another. Stevie chatted to Lucie for a while and things appeared to be going well, particularly after he went in for the kiss. The risky game Stevie played was the fact Lucie is still stuck on Tommy and really, Joe, is a mere blip in her mind. Lucie just is not interested in anyone else. Stevie could of flourished in the Villa to be fair but just did not get enough time.

Lastly, here is a couple recap pointers from all that has gone on during Week 5 in the Love Island Villa…

Jordan tops the Comeback Charts this week
There has been some notable comebacks in the Villa this year. Joe making a comeback with Lucie after Tommy intervened, Molly-Mae making a comeback with Tommy after his head turned with Maura and now Jordan. Jordan did not recouple with any of the new girls as he realised he had proper feelings for Anna and his crafting boots were no longer comfortable to wear. Anna, on the other hand, felt that Jordan would be jumping at anything that moved. Anna entered the Villa with Ovie and it looked like the deal was done. Well, hold the fuck up. Jordan was not gonna’ lay down as he took the whole situation as a man and held his head high. He has since taken Anna on a date and has really shown Anna that he likes her. Comeback is on. Match point to Jordan.

Anna gets closer to Jordan – Credit: ITV2

Amy loves making a good list
During the drama that ensued between Amy and Curtis, Amy’s mind went into overdrive. After a couple of conversations and Curtis opening up about how he felt, Amy decided she would make a list of pointers that she would bring up. Discussing the list with some of the other girls, we were not sure if Amy was preparing for an interview with Curtis or actually discussing their ‘relationship’. Curtis is a nice geezer and probably did not want to come across rude but after stating he could not envisage marrying or having children with Amy, the break up was sign, sealed and delivered.

Watch the preview for tonight’s episode below:

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