Music overload? Chris Brown ‘Indigo’ Review

Chris Brown has been regarded as one of the top R&B artists globally for well over 10 years now…

The 30 year old has just released his ninth studio album, Indigo. As with any artist in any musical genre, it is highly impressive to stay relevant in the scene for the amount of time that Chris Brown has. It cannot also be forgotten that the diversity of Chris Brown’s music has kept him at the top of the game for so long. Way back in 2009, Chris Brown started delving into the sound that mixed R&B and Techno/Dance. It took an album or so for it to stick and actually work to its full potential, but in the end, it did. Since then, he has delved into plenty of other various genres and styles. For example, around 2012, we saw the singer start trying his hand at rapping.

Indigo does not include any typical styled rapping from Chris…Something he has stayed away from for his past couple of albums. Regardless of this, Indigo does not fall flat with fresh music and a variety of genres but instead, weirdly, over indulges on the amount of music.

In late 2017, Chris Brown released Heartbreak on a Full Moon which was a huge album that included well over 50 songs. The album had quality in it but some of the songs got ignored and it ended up, somewhat becoming a bit repetitive. The same argument somewhat sticks to Indigo. Whilst Indigo is only 32 tracks, it still feels like it may be just music overload for one album. Just due to the size of his last album, 32 tracks actually seems like a fairly small album when in reality it is far from that. With most artists releasing albums that are usually under 20 tracks long, Chris Brown in the past few years has reached the other end of the spectrum.

It must be taken into consideration that Chris Brown is somewhat of an anomaly in the R&B scene. For an artist that is so highly regarded in his craft, he always has the pressure to show he will adapt to stay in his own bracket and create his own level. If the album was half of the tracks it is then we believe it could be regarded as one of his best pieces of work.

The album includes single releases, “Undecided”, “Back To Love”, “Wobble Up” featuring G-Eazy and Nicki Minaj and the highly anticipated track, “Guidance” featuring former enemy, Drake.

Gladly, no auto tune on Chris’s side appears to be present on this album and not that he needs it but he has been known to use it. The use of auto tune from Chris Brown is always disappointing when he has the vocal ability and capacity to improve any track out there.

The album is complemented with tracks such as “Indigo” and R&B masterpiece “Come Together”, featuring H.E.R, that has echos sounds of Chris Brown & Sevyn on his 2011 mixtape, Boy In Detention. The R&B/Dance track “Temporary Lover” featuring Lil Jon brings an upbeat vibe to the album but still holds onto the R&B sound with a sample of Alicia Myers 1981 track “I Want To Thank You”. Other tracks such as “Juice”, “Lurkin'” featuring Tory Lanez and also, “Sorry Enough” are worthy replay tracks.

“Sorry Enough” is quite impressive in the sense that the producers (Hitmaka and Los Da Mystro) managed to successfully sample the beat from the Clipse’s 2002 track, “Grindin'” , produced by the Neptunes. The throwback Hip-Hop beat is switched up and used to create a throwback R&B sound/vibe instead.

DO NOT get us wrong, the album is still a solid album with some great hits. Chris Brown offers a lot vocally on the album and as stated before, the album does offer variety in terms of beats, genres and vibes. The features on the album are all strong features as well.

The thing is, Chris Brown is known for his vast amount of unreleased tracks which is something he has mentioned in the past himself. The album could be of been sized down with the remaining tracks used in an EP/Mixtape at a later date.

Either way, the album will undoubtedly be a success and obviously chart with the album including some bangers for sure…

What are your thoughts?

Listen to Indigo on Spotify below:

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