Love Island: Week 4 Overview

The Tweet Challenge is always a bit of an awkward challenge on Love Island and this week, we saw the challenge cause some suspected tension amongst the group.

This challenge is the first time the Islanders get an idea of what the public think of them and how everything is coming across on TV. There was some key drama that was caused as a result of the tweets.

The Tweets caused some overthinking for some Islanders – Credit: ITV2

Tom Fucks Up TWICE (Part 1)
The week started with an absolute backlash for new Islander, Tom. On Sunday night, Maura decided to take Tom to the hideout. Whilst Maura was just looking forward to a cuddle and getting closer to her Love Island partner, Tom on the other hand, had his mindset completely fucked. The scene was set…Maura had just been chatting to the girls, who decided it was best that she told Tom to meet her in the hideaway. As Maura, on her own, approached Tom and the group of boys…She called him over and Tom, the airhead that he is, decided to announce (may as well of done it on a stage with a microphone) that he would see if Maura was “all talk” in regards to any sexual antics. Maura heard and whilst Tom approached her, the intelligence was slowly dripping out of him as he repeated what he said like it was not a problem. Maura told him to fuck off and one of the best scenes of Love Island so far was the rest of the boys in hysterics as Tom walks back whilst uttering the two most used words after any defeat…“Fucked it”. Great tele! 10/10

Danny Makes a Decision
The next day, Tom had somehow grasped his way back to Maura and everything had settled down. The attention was now back on Danny, who, appeared, to still be in a love triangle with Arabella and Yewande. The phone pings and someone has a TEEEEEEXXXXXXTTTTTTTTTTTTT. Recoupling and boys are picking. It comes down to a tense showdown where Arabella and Yewande are left. Danny announces that the girl he will be picking is intelligent. No disrespect to Arabella but Yewande is a scientist so everyone at home is thinking he is picking Yewande. Bam. Drama. Alert. Drama missile inbound. Danny picks Arabella and sends Yewande home.

Tweet Challenge Beef
Now, here comes the Tweet challenge. Awkwardness, drama and tension. There are only two tweets that are needed to be taken from this challenge. All the other tweets were just about people thinking someone isn’t good enough for someone else but yeah whatever. One tweet set shit rolling…

One of the tweets that caused all the drama – Credit: ITV2

Molly lost her shit a little bit and kept going on about how she is not in it for the money. We believe her but she did panic a bit tooooo much. The second tweet was what really got question marks raised and eye balls looking sideways. The Lucie and Tommy fiasco is back.

Beef – Credit: ITV2

Lucie Still Likes Tommy
Lucie still likes Tommy and would give it a go if the opportunity arose. We think Molly is close to going borderline crazy and using Lucie’s toothbursh as a toilet cleaner. During the Tweet Challenge, one tweet sparked more panic for Molly. Someone had suggested that Lucie and Tommy are better suited together. This was then followed up by Lucie claiming “never say never” to her and Tommy hitting it off, during a conversation with herself, Maura and Amber. Amber then spread this onto Amy who spread it onto Curtis because they have nothing better to do in this luxury Villa. The news was then spread amongst the Villa before Lucie took Tommy aside to explain her feelings. Tommy was thrown back but decided to let Molly know this. A follow up chat ensued between the two girls and the air appeared to be somewhat cleared up but prepare for Molly to be kept on her toes.

Tom Fucks Up TWICE (Part 2) and Another Shock Double Dumping
Tom had just got back himself on the right side of Maura. Then, he decided to air his feelings about Maura to Jordan. Tom explained that he found Maura “cringe” and “OTT” sometimes. Jordan then goes on to relay this to Anna but “do not tell anyone”. Anna then relays this to Maura, who approaches Jordan to explain more. Jordan explains the situation to Maura but asks to not go too hard on Tom and not go too mad at him. She slowly walks over to Tom and does the complete opposite of what Jordan request, and goes mental. Fair play to her. Tom tries to make another shock comeback by constantly pleading for a chat with Maura which came across as cringe (the irony) and desperate. Later that night, the Islanders celebrated with a neon-party and this chat that Tom had so desperately been wanting, eventually came. There was no resolution as Tom fluffed his lines and did not really get anywhere. Sauce level -10 from him. Unknown to the Islanders, the outsiders, (known as the public) were voting for their favourite couple. The top three couples were saved and were left with the harsh decision of picking who to dump from the Island, from the remaining couples. Tom was picked due to his lack of contribution to the group and Arabella was picked from the boys side. Mad.

Most couples are settled now but saying that, it is now time for Casa Amor…Whose head will be turned? It appears that Anna is already sold but we are yet to see which of the boys will turn…

Watch the preview for tonight’s episode below:

Love Island airs at 9:00pm every night on ITV2.

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