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Discussion: The Hottest Producers in the UK Scene Right Now

After looking at the Hottest Producers in the US Scene. WE felt it would be rude to not look into some of the biggest producers in the UK scene right now as well...

Producers work cannot be underestimated with some tracks that catapult an artists name and career into places that may not have been reached had it not been for that particular beat or track. In the past few years, the UK producers are slowly becoming more represented, much like their counterparts in the US.

After looking at the five of the ‘Biggest/Hottest Producers in the US Scene’. We felt it would be rude to not look into some of the biggest names in producing in the UK scene right now as well…

Steel Banglez
Steel Banglez
Many people would not think that Steel Banglez has been around for a number of years. An interview with Pause magazine in 2017 allowed people to find out a bit more about the London born producer. Banglez has been around since the early 2000’s when he produced for D Double E, Wiley and Roll Deep. It was not until a few years later that his name started become a bit more well known. Meeting MoStack was the big break as the pair worked together on a number of tracks with Banglez actually helping produce MoStack’s debut mixtape. More work followed when Banglez met MIST and worked together on his EP, Diamond In The Dirt. More work as followed with MoStack, MIST and also the likes of J Hus, Dave and AJ Tracey. Steel Banglez has established himself as one of the most popular producers in the UK scene with almost any song produced by him, becoming a hit.

Fraser T. Smith
Fraser T. Smith has been producing for years now, having worked on Kano’s debut album Home Sweet Home and also, some of Craig David’s early work. The producer is highly regarded in the UK scene and is arguably someone that gets overshadowed by music fans yet this is the man that is actually behind a large amount of Stormzy’s Gang Signs and Prayers album and Dave’s work. Notably, Stormzy shouts out Fraser on his song “Blinded By Your Grace” . The two examples of Home Sweet Home and Gang Signs and Prayers are clearly showcasing Fraser T Smith’s prominence is getting the best out of a project. Home Sweet Home is a UK classic and Gang Signs and Prayers is one of the biggest UK albums in recent times with the album pushing Stormzy’s career to another level and one of the pin ups of the scene.

Dave & Fraser T Smith – Credit: Getty

Tag: Jae5 (J Hus Sample)
The producer behind many of J Hus’s hits. Jae5 has a strong association with the rapper after striking up a strong partnership to create some of the biggest Afrobeats sounds in the UK scene. In an interview with the BBC, Jae5 explains that the association he has with J Hus is more than just work based and it is more like working with a family friend. Jae5 started out as part of the production collective J.O.A.T Music Group which Jae explains, consisted of Jae’s Uncle and fellow producer, Randy Valentine. . The group are the production behind the likes of “Lean & Bop” and “Friendly”. Following on from this though, the group ending up disbanding and Jae5 decided that he would go solo. Since then, Jae5 has produced further tracks for J Hus, including the hugely popular “Did You See” in 2017 which added to an already impressive group of tracks. J Hus was already a fairly big name in the UK scene before 2015, but when “Lean & Bop” dropped on SB.TV during the summer of the same year, it put J Hus on the map and “Did You See” changed J Hus’s career drastically. As things stand, the 2017 hit currently boasts over 60 million views on Youtube. Jae5 then became the executive producer of J Hus’s debut album Common Sense which makes the statement that Jae5 and J Hus is probably the UK’s version of Drake and 40.

Unlike many of the producers on this list, the duo, ILLBLU have a tendency to jump from genre to genre when producing. Starting out with delving into the likes of Deep/Funky House and Dance music, they are also more than capable of competing with other producers in the UK scene. ILLBLU have worked with MoStack on his debut EP High Street Kid and, debut album, Stacko as well as Krept & Konan, Sneakbo, AyEm, Yungen and Not3s. The duo aim to remain as versatile as possible and actually sight the likes of Diplo and David Guetta as a couple of examples they wish to follow. Even though they wish to remain versatile, they are still providing a huge amount to the UK scene and its up and coming artists.

Da Beatfreakz
Tag: Beatfreakz
The two brothers, were producing music way back in the early 2000’s after getting influenced by the early pioneers in the UK scene such as Dizzee Rascal and So Solid Crew. After being invited by prestigious American producing duo, Cool & Dre, to go and work in America, they decided to move back to England. Since then, they have been creating hits upon hits for many artists in the UK. It has been in the past couple of years that tracks such as “Swingin In Da Whip”, “Pumpy” and most recently “Motorola” have really pushed the pair to reaching dizzy heights.

M1 On The Beat and MK The Plug
M1 On The Beat and MK The Plug
The rise of Drill in the UK has been a rapid one. Part of this is down to the extremely popular and addictive beats that create the basey 808 backing to the tracks. M1 On The Beat and MK The Plug have come together to become two of the the top producers of Drill beats and highest in demand. In an interview with FACTMagazine, M1 On The Beat showcases how he makes his beats with the Fruity Loops programme which many producers started out using/still use. If Drill continues to prosper as a genre in the UK then these two producers will become two of the biggest producers in the scene.

Honourable mentions:

Tag: Just Made A Banger With Sevaqk

It Sounds Like Nyge (AJ Tracey Sample)

Swifta Beater
Swifta Production

Toddla T
Toddla T

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