Love Island: Rating All of Week 3’s Drama out of 10

On Friday night, just gone, episode, the Islanders received a text. It was challenge time. This aim of this challenge was for all the girls to kiss each boy, whilst they wore blindfolds and noise-cancellation headphones. The boys were then required to rate the kiss out of 10. This scenario was taken as lighthearted banter by some but others took it a bit more seriously…

So, with all this being said, we decided to look at all the key moments during Week 3 in the Love Island Villa and give them a rating out of 10 on our very own…


Islanders decide which couple is least compatible – 4/10 on the Drama Richter Scale
Last week ended with a recoupling, which saw Maura and Anna being left without a couple but being saved by two new Islanders/dates. This left the remaining couples to take a vote on who they felt were the least compatible in the group. The results came in and it turned out that Lucie & Joe along with, Anton & Elma were the couples with the most votes. This situation did not cause as much tension as expected. There is always someone that pipes up but it did not. A little bit of tension amongst the couples but nothing off scale.

Elma and Joe Voted to Leave – 2/10
Following the couples votes, the fate of the bottom two couples was then turned over to public vote. I mean, all UK citizens have known in recent years is the vote whether to leave the EU or not…Not quite on the same scale but nevertheless. The handing of the vote to the public meant that viewers had to decide which Islander, from each vulnerable couple they wanted to keep. Not exactly a dramatic scenario this one, pretty mediocre to be fair and I am sure there will be more dramatic and what the fuck moments to come. Barely touched the Richter scale and barely even shook the picture frames.

Arabella Entrance and Danny/Yewande – 9/10
Oh and look, speaking of drama. Arabella entered the Villa in the early hours of the morning. She was probably laying there for yonks, in the same position, waiting for someone to wake up and go to the kitchen. Eventually Curtis arrived and in a classic flamboyant Curtis way, nearly shit himself with shock. Following this, Arabella had to decide which two Islanders she would go on a date with. Danny and Anton were the chosen two, which got the drama rolling between Danny and Yewande. This Love Island series has all been about Triangle’s. Firstly, Tommy, Lucie and Joe to Tommy, Molly and Maura and now the latest one has arrived in Danny, Yewande and Arabella. Yewande was not being affectionate enough for Danny’s liking, until Thursday night when Yewande went from 0-80 (100 would be too much for Yewande). Yewande declared that she would be more affectionate and decided to kiss Danny in front of everyone. Danny was buzzing but it still had not fully convinced him and he had an inclination that it may of been just because Arabella had come in. So, the following day, to confirm that it was not a one off…Yewande decided to literally sit on Danny whilst he was talking to Arabella. Strange but fairly effective but only effective in the sense that Danny could literally not get up. The drama is not over with these three either, especially, after Arabella decided to stir the pot further by stating Danny declared that Yewande’s friends have pushed her to be more affectionate and it has not been her own doing…This has all left Yewande FUMING. Looking at tonight’s preview, this drama is going to spill over into Week 4 and it is far from finished. Danny has gone and fucked himself royally. Feel sorry for Yewande in this one.

All that was going through our heads when Yewande declared she was not very happy on Friday night’s episode

Amy loses her shit over Curtis – 6/10
Thanks to Amy, the idea for this article was created. Amy lost her shit when Curtis gave new girl, Arabella, a 10/10 for her kissing skills. The challenge came to an end and everyone else found it funny but Amy. Amy strops off and Curtis goes off to settle the situation with her but Amy still pops off at Tommy and Molly-Mae…“You’re all meant to be my friends”. Amy took this one to the heart way too much but her overreaction did cause a slight tremor on the Richter scale. Not a big deal in the grand scheme of things.

Islanders generally chatting shit about one another – 4/10
Every year, the Love Island group comes together and becomes a solidified friendship group with some power couples and all that bollocks. Well, along with that, there is also bound to be someone that chats some shit behind someone else’s back. First and foremost, this person rarely has good intentions. Maura mentioned that Danny would be someone she would like to crack on with, behind Yewande’s back. Added to this, Maura also told Danny, Molly-Mae and Tommy that Danny is not getting anywhere with Yewande and he needs to nip it in the bud. We have said, Maura is quite possibly the Horny Devil in disguise. Danny also told other Islanders that him and Arabella did not really do any flirting on their date. None of this chat is really on the scale of Amy’s petty behaviour towards Lucie last week but watching tonight’s preview, some of this chat will cause a stir.

Watch the preview for tonight’s episode below:

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