Discussion: The Hottest Producers in the US Scene Right Now

Behind every huge track is a talented producer. The majority of your favourite Rap/Hip-Hop and R&B songs over the years have been finalised by a rapper or singer but the ingredients for that masterpiece were put together by an individual or, in some cases, a group of individuals…

Some producers have gained the credit they have deserved through noticeable tags and even, featuring in the music video for the track. Obviously, not every track has a music video so this cannot always be an option for self promotion. From Jermaine Dupri in the early 2000’s to DJ Khaled and most recently, Mustard, these producers have all become popular household names among the Hip-Hop/Rap and R&B scene.

With that being said, we have decided to take a look at some of the biggest/hottest producers currently producing our favourite hits in the US R&B and Rap/Hip-Hop scene.

D.A Doman
Tag: D A Got that Dope
The production of Chris Brown’s “Privacy” arrived in 2017 and Future’s “PIE”, (featuring Chris Brown) of the same year, helped push the D.A. to the forefront of music fans and artists minds. D.A is arguably, the producer behind the revival of Tyga’s career. Doman produced one of the hottest beats in the past few years with the beat for “Taste”, as well producing other Tyga hits, “Swish” and “Dip” featuring Nicki Minaj. Back in 2018, when Kodak Black previewed the beat for “ZeZe”, the whole of social media went into a frenzy and could not wait for the track to be released. Music fans were deflated beyond belief when it was eventually released but this was not due to the beat or production and more due to how poorly the beat was used by Kodak. The beat was a masterpiece and had it been used by another artist such as Tyga, the song may have been a lot more popular than it was. No offence Kodak. It has really been these hits that D.A has produced for Tyga that has propelled him to be one of the biggest producers in the US scene right now.

Tag: Unknown
Friend and producer of the majority of Drake’s music, 40 has become one of the most popular and seasoned producers in recent years due to his association with Drake. 40 has also featured in plenty of lyrics by Drake…

“Me and forty back to work we still smell like a vacation” – Drake verse on “I’m On One” by DJ Khaled, 2011

From “Successful” in 2009 through to “Take Care” in 2012 followed by the likes of “Hold On We’re Going Home”, “Started From The Bottom” in 2013, “One Dance” 2016 and most recently “Nice For What” last year…40 has been there for them all. The collaboration between 40 and Drake will go down as one of the most prolific and successful in the Hip-Hop/Rap/R&B scene. It is hardly a bad thing or a criticism but if you had to say, the only thing that might be holding 40 back from other producers is the fact his discography is really only targeted at one artist. Again, this can hardly be a criticism when the range of artists that other producers work with are not exactly an extensive one. Not in all circumstances but it appears that certain producers will only work with a handful of artists at a time anyway. This is, usually, down to the simple reason that either the artist, producer or both parties realise that they work well together.

40 and Drake

TayKeith is the youngest producer on this list. The 22 year old is good friends with rapper BlocBoy JB and TayKeith’s first big hit was “Look Alive” by BlocBoy featuring Drake. This production clearly grabbed the attention of Drake as TayKeith went on to produce “Non-Stop” off Drake’s Scorpion album. Following this, “Sicko Mode” by Travis Scott (again) featuring Drake was created. Added to all of this, going into his 23rd year, TayKeith has producer credits on DJ Khaled’s latest album, Father of Ashad on the track, “Wish Wish” featuring Cardi B and 21 Savage.

Tag: Mustard on the beat ho’
Arguably, both 40 and Mustard have longevity as far as this list is concerned. Now just known as Mustard but formerly known as DJ Mustard, rose to acclaim in the early 2010’s when Mustard teamed up with Californian artists such as YG and Tyga. Mustard produced the hugely successful “Rack City” by Tyga. Following this, “RIP” by Young Jeezy was produced by Mustard, the track went onto gain prominence in the scene at the time due to Chris Brown being on the remix and using it as a diss track to Drake. Some music fans that are unaware of Mustard would think that this was it. “Show Me” by Kid Ink featuring Chris Brown became a huge hit in 2013. The song went onto have major success around the globe. Mustard had become one of the biggest and most popular producers at the time. Mustard continued to work with the likes of YG and Kid Ink on work. Mustard is known more for his catchy, LA themed Hip-Hop/Pop beats. The only producer in this article that also has two studio albums, 10 Summers and Cold Summer released in 2014 and 2016 retrospectively. In comparison to the years of 2014, Mustard did appear to go a bit quieter but he still remains up there as one of the best producers around. The 29 year old produced the parody track “Freaky Friday” by Lil Dicky featuring Chirs Brown and producing Ella Mai’s biggest hits “Boo’d Up” and “Trip” to make a very successful 2018. This success has been followed into this year as Mustard is behind one of the biggest Hip-Hop/Rap hits of 2019 so far, “Pure Water” for the Migos and “Go Loko” for YG and Tyga.

Mustard & YG – Credit: RapUp

OG Parker
Tag: OG Parker
The producer behind the massive track “Type of Way” by Eric Bellinger featuring Chris Brown. OG Parker has previously produced “Pills & Automobiles”, “Walk It Talk It” by Migos featuring Drake and “B.I.D” by Tory Lanez. OG Parker is currently signed to Quality Control Music, being the same album as of the Migos. Along with TayKeith, he could follow in the footsteps of the likes of Mustard to go on and become a long lasting producer in the scene.

Honourable mentions:

Metro Boomin’
Tag: If Young Metro Don’t Trust You I’m Gon’ Shoot You

Murda Beatz
Murda On The Beat So It’s Not Nice


London On Da Track
Tag: London On Da Track

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