Love Island: Round Up of Week 2 Drama

So things are really starting to get heated in the Love Island Villa and there has been plenty of shit storming going on in the past week. Three new members have entered the Villa and one has exited. Furthermore, as seen in tonight’s preview, a re-coupling is due…

So with that being said, here is our Week 2 Love Island round-up

Sherif Lanre

What a week it has been for Sherif. Going from “seeing where things go” with Anna to then being chucked out the Villa for breaking the rules. For the whole week, no one really knew what happened as many rumours circulated. On Friday, Sherif himself announced that he had been kicked out due to an play-fight with Molly-Mae and a poorly judged comment. Highly unlikely that he will be making an appearance or even getting mentioned on Love Island again this year.

Tommy Fury

Well, last week we thought the guy was IN LOVE with Lucie but turns out that ain’t the case. Fell for Molly-Mae and craved her attention and now his head has been turned by Maura buuuut Molly-Mae is making, potentially, a better comeback than Tyga’s career. This guy is all over the place still. Lucie might even come back into the picture after watching tonight’s episode preview. The guy bangs on about not liking shapes but he may potentially find himself in a damn square sooner rather than later.

Molly-Mae Hague

Started the week off fairly content with being coupled up with Tommy but was also keeping him on his toes. Everyone is this girls type. I reckon, Hagrid (no offence big lad) could come in and she would fancy him…I mean, she said she liked tall guys so it ain’t off the cards. Then, when the two new girls came in, Molly-Mae really clocked that shit was going to hit the fan. She is currently chucking everything at making a comeback with Tommy, as she realises she is in danger. A comeback of this magnitude would only match Tyga’s career comeback. Feel like Tommy will end up going back to Molly-Mae but who knows what her real intentions are.

Maura Higgins

Last week we thought Amber did not give a shit. Well, up steps Maura. This girl is crazy…Potentially the Devil in disguise. She knows exactly what she wants and will not stop at anyone or anything. In fierce competition with Molly-Mae for Tommy. Awkwardly tried it on with him but got shut down, word to Skepta. Would not wanna mess with her.

Maura Higgins – Credit: ITV

Amber Gill

Viewers probably thought Amber was going to be a hard pleaser for the whole of this season. Turns out, she is just hard to read. Her and Michael are getting to know eachother and seeing where things go (typical Love Island). Didn’t want to kiss Michael cause she felt she had stanky breath but a quick two two brush and they hit it off. Clearly likes Michael as she got triggered by the new girls but then again, so did everyone. She still doesn’t give a fuck.

Michael Griffiths

We called it. Last week, Michael was not really going anywhere but we did say that he would make a comeback with someone and he has done so accordingly. Getting on with Amber, he has secured himself a 10. If he does not fuck up then he should be alright for the next few weeks. Did not get swayed by the new girls.

Lucie Donlan

She appears to have got out of the ‘Love Triangle’ that included Tommy and Joe. Seems very content with Joe right now and actually has not done much this week at all but it appears, after watching tonight’s preview that she could mean she is back into the drama. The ‘Love Triangle’ between those three could be back on. Been slated by Amy for going AWOL and not really being part of the ‘girl group’ but Lucie claims she basically does not like girl-friends and prefers boys.

Amy Hart

Got funny with Lucie due to Lucie not appearing to spend much time with the girls. Also became ‘half girlfriend’ to Curtis as they agreed to basically be ‘seeing eachother’ and as stated by the other girls, this is the first time in her life of not being single so it is borderline marriage for her. Theeeenn got pissed as fuuuck when Lucie and Joe decided to do the same thing on the same day. Bit over the top.

Danny Williams

Came into the Villa earlier in the week. Went on two dates with Yewande and Amber retrospectively. Clearly had a click with Yewande and decided to pursue things with her. Danny and Amber were not really on the same wave length. Thought his head was going to turn with Maura but due to Maura being so clear on what she wanted, no one else seemed to want to get in the way of that.

Danny Williams – Credit: ITV

Yewande Biala

Head over heels for Danny at the moment and she deserves it. Very chill with everything going on at the moment. Got extremely jealous when Danny ended up getting picked for a date with Maura and Elma and did lose her shit a little bit but not as bad as others. Not much else to say.

Curtis Pritchard

The man of wise words and deep thoughts strikes again. When Tommy and Molly were going at it (not in that way) after his head had got turned by Maura, in steps Curtis to tell the kids to go to bed and think everything over. Kept things chill when he and Amy were the first couple to head to the ‘Hideaway’ for the night.

Joe Garratt

Just like Lucie…Joe has somewhat disappeared since the first week. Not done a lot and not much to say really. As seen in the preview for tonight’s episode though, there is clearly some tension between them both when Lucie and Tommy end up going off together. Shit will hit the fan again.

Anton Danyluk

Absolutely fucked it with his words when speaking to Anna about getting to know her more. Anton probably felt like he had just found a fiver in his pocket when he found out that two new girls were coming into the Villa. He then probably felt like he had just found another fiver in another pocket when he realised one of them wanted to go on a date with him. Now Anton finally seems to have found someone he gets along with or has a CONNECTION with, in Elma. He does not appear to be fully set on his ways though with his head appearing to be spun in tonight’s episode, especially when it comes to who he is going to pick to re-couple up with in the scheduled re-coupling in tonight’s episode.

Elma Pazar:

The second of the new girls. Came across very normal and had she come in on her own, probably would not of received the stick from the other girls. The girls already in the Villa soon realised that Elma was not a threat and was just very chill. May of tried to pursue Tommy more had Maura not made it clear that she was attempting to pursue it. Anton was only the man left so is currently getting to know him. Much like when Molly-Mae came in, yet to really see what her intentions are buuut currently, does not appear to be in there to mess around.

Elma Pazar – Credit: ITV

Anna Vakili

Like Joe and Lucie, Anna has not featured much. Anton tried to make a move on her but completely fluffed his lines. No one else in the Villa appears to have got her attention since Sherif has been chucked out. Feel sorry for her as everyone else appears to be coupling up but if someone new comes in then there is always time for a comeback.

Watch the preview for tonight’s episode and drama below:

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