Artist Watch: Chunkz

“Eyyy maaaynnn aaayyy-yeaaah”

Starting all his videos with his vocally impressive riff, it is clear that Youtuber entertainer, Chunkz, has the vocal ability to become a big hit in the UK scene.

Since it’s creation, Youtube has become a platform for aspiring musicians to spread their music to the masses without the backing of a major record label…

It is also not uncommon to see Youtubers and entertainers alike to delve into the music scene. It is safe to say that many Youtubers or entertainers that try their hand at music, do not end up becoming much of a success.

Chunkz, on the other hand, could become a huge success. The Youtuber that started up in July 2015 making entertainment videos on Youtube, now has over half a million subscribers on the platform.

Last summer, Chunkz released his debut single “Vibranium”. A track with Shakka entitled “No Time” followed and again, got a good reception. No more music has since followed but he has teased music with fans so there is clearly projects in the pipeline. It appears that there will be work with the likes of good friend and fellow entertainer Yung Filly, Geko, Ay Em and potentially Shakka again?

The music video for “Vibranium” is due for release tomorrow (16th June) which will surely create another buzz around the summer track. It is unclear whether this was a smart tactical decision by Chunkz, to release the song one summer and the video the next or whether it was just a simple fact of not getting round to it. Regardless, the wave it will create will help push Chunkz music even further with the video looking to feature the likes of Michael Dapaah and potentially, former Love Island star, Kaz Crossley.

His rise has been a steady but impressive one with each year that passes, he is able to better himself. Whether that be in his content, subscriber count or his progress as a whole, his rise so far has been a good one to watch.

Subscribe and check out Chunkz’s Youtube channel here.

Listen to “Vibrainum” on Spotify below:

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