Artist Watch: The Potential of J Soul

It is safe to say, not many people outside of America and Canada know of J Soul. The Canadian rapper/singer has been signed to Cash Money Records since 2015 and is another huge talent to arrive on the scene…

As with many artists signed to the Young Money Entertainment/Cash Money Records labels, some of their careers do not lift off the ways that they may expect too. Just for some examples, see the article we wrote on how some of the artists that have previously signed to the labels have faired and where they are now.

On June 6th of this year, J Soul released his new track “Birthday” via his own Youtube channel. Releasing this a few days ago, the video has yet to reach over a 100,000 views. This is a milestone that you might expect from an artist signed to such a high profile label. It is not like the track is bad either, with the Alternative R&B sound clearly gaining influence from the Weeknd.

The year of 2016 saw the release of the track “Toronto Motel Plaza” and, in the same year, J Soul’s debut EP, “Jane 2 Miami”, was released. Following on from this, in 2017, Soul released another EP with the title of “L.I.S.A” (abbreviation for Love, Insecurity, Sex and Addiction). On both of these EP’s there are real bangers that have arguably not got the amount of recognition they deserve.

J Soul’s biggest hit to date is “Slow Wine”. The track has amassed a total of 6 million views on Youtube and over 16 million plays on Spotify. What’s wrong with that you may ask? Nothing at all…The problem is, this track was released in 2016 and this is our point. A very talented singer that has clearly the voice for a top R&B track, is not currently flourishing at his full potential.

On his Instagram, he announced that there is clearly an album in the pipeline. It is great news that another project is potentially on it’s way, but again, this is only potentially and with Cash Money having a poor record of actually putting out projects, question marks are still raised. Remember, it was not that long ago that Tyga had a dispute with the label about the release of one of his albums which resulted in the rapper releasing his album independently.

J Soul’s official Instagram teasing a potential album

It is clear, just by listening to the likes of “Slow Wine” and “Birthday”, that the potential is there to really push on. If the potential album is to follow a similar vibe to these tracks then the album could be a huge hit. Now, whether it be the label and their input (or lack of) to help or maybe it is a personal thing, we do not know. Either way, we really hope that whatever is holding J Soul back, gets sorted and resolved ASAP. All we can say for now, keep an eye on him because there is no reason why he cannot follow the likes of The Weeknd, PARTYNEXTDOOR, Tory Lanez, Majid Jordan and other Alternative R&B artists rising up from Canada.

Listen to J Soul’s last EP “L.I.S.A” and his latest single release “Birthday”, below:

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