Which R&B track best describes the 2019 Love Island Contestants

Every summer, the majority of the UK tune into ITV2’s dating phenomenon that is Love Island. Social media and news outlets go into a frenzy when, at 9:00pm each night, a new episode is put on air. So, as well as covering music, here at Integral Noise, we do cover entertainment and we felt it was rude not too cover this topic.

The first group of contestants that enter the Love Island villa, based in the Spanish island of Majorca, are the ones that really sent the precedant for the show and how much entertainment/drama will be caused.

The show and its contestants have received an unfair amount of criticism from journalists and major media outlets over the years due to the supposed lack of “intelligence” that appears to be present among the contestants. This year sees Yewande Biala (Scientist) enter as well as, Anna Vakili (Pharmacist), Callum Macleod (Aircraft Engineer), Michael Griffiths (Graduate in Science) and also Tommy Fury (Professional Boxer and brother to Heavyweight Boxer Tyson Fury).

R&B is the genre of love and love making. We decided to analyse all the current Love Island contestants and see which R&B track best matches their current predicaments in the Villa.

Callum Macleod: J-Kwon – “Tipsy” (2004)

Arrived and then completely disappeared. No fault of his own really as he did not appear to get too much airtime but unfortunately, his Love Island stay is no longer. His highlight was getting Amber to step forward for him when he first arrived. There were many songs that could be used to describe Callum’s stay. We felt, much like J-Kwon, that Callum was quite the one hit wonder. J-Kwon must of felt like he hit the jackpot when he released “Tipsy” in the early 2000’s but unfortunately, this success was never really followed up. This is, probably, exactly how Callum felt when Amber stepped forward for him on the first coupling up. After that, a few here and there moments arrived, much like J-Kwon’s “Get xXx’d” for the XXX: State of the Union soundtrack. He tried to make a comeback with some dry chat to Amber about her sunglasses suiting her but was unfairly shut down when she said he did not suit sunglasses. Great British TV. Fair play to Callum, seemed like a decent bloke, just was not too be.

Callum Macleod – Credit: ITV

Curtis Pritchard: Bad Bunny featuring Drake “Mia” (2018)

Nice enough lad, appears to be the man of wisdom in the Villa and as a Latin Ballroom dancer, could not be anymore of an opposite to Tommy when they both entered the Villa. Appears to very much fancy Amy which showed as he did not get swayed when new Islander, Molly-Mae, invited him for date. Not done anything out of the ordinary yet but probably will, seems like the type. The only logical choice for Curtis was the 2018 hit by Bad Bunny and Drake “Mia”. The song being in complete Spanish makes sense for his Latin dancing but also the fact that we ain’t got a clue what it means or says…After using Google to help, it appears the translation of the song is about being in love with your girl. Ding ding. That’ll do.

Curtis Pritchard – Credit: ITV

Amy Hart: Beyonce ft. Jay-Z “Crazy In Love” (2003) followed by Justin Timberlake – “Cry Me A River” (2002)

Slightly obsessive over Curtis and I think we are all waiting for the flood gates to open when he does one thing wrong…Potentially get the name of a musical wrong? Currently, Amy is borderline in love with Curtis and will want to make him, her boyfriend, as quick as possible. She is currently “Crazy In Love” but this could easily turn into “Cry Me A River”. Cringe. Just like Amy, “Cry Me A River” is hugely popular but Amy will eventually get upset by someone and probably create a drama about it (potentially Curtis) so “Cry Me A River” will be the theme song for at least a few days after that for sure.

Michael Griffiths: Travis Scott ft. Drake – “Sicko Mode” (2018)

Strong contender and started off well when Lucie stepped forward for him. Things then fell flat when Lucie proceeded to step forward again, but this time, it was for Joe. Remains fairly quiet but believe he will seize an opportunity when it is presented in front of him. No one has quite taken his fancy in the Villa, as of yet, and is sitting on the sidelines. “Sicko Mode” perfectly describes this scenario. It starts off promising but slowly falls aside (on the sidelines as such) but that is UNTIL, just before the 3 minute mark…The beat drops. Michael will get a chance and things will change for him, just like the beat change in “Sicko Mode”. He may also get the help/wingman duties from Drake (a fellow Islander). Read on and all will be revealed.

Michael Griffiths – Credit: ITV

Anna Vakili: Trey Songz – “Yes, No, Maybe” (2014) followed by Destiny’s Child – “Bootylicious” (2000)

One of the older ones in the group, so has a clear mature side and will probably not take too much shit from Sherif, if he fucks up. Particularly as Sherif is a good 8 years younger than her.

Trey Songz 2014 track “Yes, No, Maybe” is about having feelings for someone but also fed up of taking shit. This track will probably relate to each Islander at one point during their stay at the Villa. Right now, it relates best to Anna, as Sherif has currently bucked his ideas up but it may not take long before Anna gets fed up with any antics. This may become a problem though, at the same time, she may have feelings involved. Could be a sticky situation she finds herself in. The lyrics, “How you gon’ out me? Tell me where the fuck would be without me?” would be a perfect analogy if Sherif is too fuck up…Sherif really would not be anywhere without Anna currently.

As stated before, Anna knows what she wants and will not stand for anything else. Destiny’s Child were a trio that had the attitude and that knew exactly what they wanted, much like Anna…That is the exact reason why we added “Bootylicious”. Totally. Nothing to do with the title.

Anna Vakili – Credit: ITV

Sherif Lanre: T-Pain – “I’m Sprung” (2005)

The man of mixed messages. Appeared to be reluctant to tell Anna, how he feels and make an effort. In recent episodes, he appears to have bucked up his ideas and got himself into gear. Not quite sure of his intentions. Sherif will probably fall for Anna and get strong feelings. Much like T-Pain in 2005 when he caught feelings in “I’m Sprung”, Sherif will get “Sprung” and it is just a matter of time. At the same time, eventually Sherif could be the type to turn into the same T-Pain that wrote the 2005 hit “I’m In Love With A Stripper” and the 2007 hit, “Buy You A Drank (Shawty Shappin’)”...The lads eyes could wander.

Sherif Lanre – Credit: ITV

Anton Danyluk: DJ Khaled “How Many Times” intro (2015)

Just happy to be there. Anton is enjoying every moment that is in the Villa. At the same time, he was close to leaving on last episode so maybe he is not focused fully on his goal. The absolute hype man for anyone and everyone in the Villa and you can imagine, probably the loudest. Sherif declared that he could not match Anton’s personality when discussing his and Anton rivalling over Anna’s attention. This type of enthusiasm and energy can only be matched by one person in the music industry…DDDDD JAAAAAYYY KKHhhhaaaLLLLeeeDDDddd. In particular, the introduction of “How Many Times” showcases DJ Khaled’s confidence with only Anton being the current Island holding the same level. Anton has declared his passion for kissing and DJ Khaled does not hold back with the kisses, asking his music video girlfriend a total of three times for “another one”.

Anton Danyluk – Credit: ITV

Molly-Mae Hague: Eve – “Who’s That Girl?” (2001)

Up and coming as the new member of the Villa. Made a bold entrance by inviting Curtis on a date when he was already “taken” (it’s been about 5 days people). Could be a strong contestant in the long run. Appears to really fancy Tommy and that could be her making or downfall. Too early to tell and, much like Eve’s 2001 hit, everyone is still working her out and wondering who she is exactly.

Molly-Mae Hague – Credit: ITV

Joe Garratt: Pitbull – “I Know You Want Me” (2009)

Protective…A bit too protective which is slightly worrying. Borderline creepy. Has fallen in love, had his heartbroken, moved on and then moved back in 5 days. Have you ever been drawn into a club by a promoter and sold a dream? You like the idea and they give you a free drinks flyer too so you think you’re onto something good. Then the realisation is clear when you enter the club and it’s empty buuuut your favourite song drops BUT the DJ decides to remix it with something trash. You and your mates decide to move onto another club but after the other clubs bouncers see through your straining inability to look sober, you get turned away. This results in you having to get yourself back into the initial club that you were sold a dream at? Well anyway, this is Joe Garratt’s Love Island story so far. The bloke is currently in a half empty club that’s playing a shit remix of his favourite track and he does not know whether it is going to get better or worse. He is just clinging onto anything right now.

Pitbull’s hit “I Know You Want Me” matches Joe down to a T. Joe is clinging onto to the feeling of being fairly sure and confident in himself that Lucie will fall for him and forget Tommy (like they don’t all live together). It is coming across as slightly creepy…Just as does the video for “I Know You Want Me”. At the end of the day, most people like Pitbull’s music and everyone likes Joe. He has the formula for longevity but he could also send himself down, even then, he could make an unlikely comeback…Much like Pitbull. Recently, the music has slowed up and we haven’t heard from him in a while but he is the type of artist that we would never be surprised if he made a comeback at anytime.

Joe Garratt – Credit: ITV

Yewande Biala – Ella Mai – “Boo’d Up” and “Trip” (2018)

Yewande, like Anna, knows what she wants and does not want to be fucked around by anyone. Sweet, reserved yet holds her own but feel like she could be hooked if the right person comes in. If this was the case, this could be her potential downfall. It is just a matter of time until, much like Ella Mai, Yewande gets “Boo’d Up” and potentially even “Trip” on her match that comes into the Villa.

Yewande Biala – Credit: ITV

Amber Gill – Cardi B – “Bodak Yellow” (2017)

Much like Cardi B’s entrance onto the global stage with “Bodak Yellow”, Amber is straight talking and takes no shit. Best way to be. Amber will definitely bring some drama if her stay in the Villa is to be a long one. She is slightly confused on what she wants which bares some similarities to Cardi B in interviews. Initially going for Callum due to him presenting himself as a gentleman but then getting bored of him as he was being too nice. Baffling. Cardi B has noted that she likes a bad boy, well Offset cheated on her and she stuck with him. I do not think Amber will necessarily be the same but the attitude matches. Time will tell. Amber will not take second best as an option and fair play to her, kind of similar to Cardi B not tolerating being second best to Nicki Minaj…….Sort of.

Amber Gill – Credit: ITV

Lucie DonlanNelly & Kelly Rowland – “Dilemma” (2002)

Confused and unsure what the fuck she wants. She is in a proper little dilemma. I mean, it is not a huge dilemma but nevertheless, she is (at best) unsure. She likes Joe but has more interest in Tommy but Tommy himself, is all over the gaff and his recent coupling up with Molly-Mae throws a spanner in the works. Cast your minds back to 2002 and remember when Kelly Rowland was using an Excel spreadsheet to text back Nelly in the music video for, appropriately worded hit, “Dilemma”...Well yeah, that sums up Lucie’s struggle at the moment.

Lucie Donlan – Credit: ITV

Tommy Fury Drake: “In My Feelings” (2018)

Most of the girls love him, the lads are jealous but he is a sound guy. Not cocky or arrogant about his stature in the Villa. Depending on how he goes about himself, he could go down as a Love Island great. As things stand, much like Drake, Tommy is truly untouchable and no one really has a bad thing to say about him or what he does. Tommy has quite clearly got a thing for Lucie and declared he would go to the Moon and back for her if he needed too. Keen. Tommy has caught feelings but also does not know quite what to do about now being coupled up with Molly-Mae. “In My Feelings” describes Tommy’s situation perfectly. He wants to know if Lucie is going to ride for him or if he should look elsewhere. His head is truly gone. Either way, Drake sits at the top of the R&B and Hip-Hop hierarchy and to be honest, if you had to put anyone at the top of the Love Island hierarchy then it’s gonna’ be this fella.

Tommy Fury – Credit: ITV

Catch Love Island every night on ITV2 at 9:00pm.

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