No Skips, Just Repeats: ‘Stacko’ Album Review

MoStack has built himself up as one of the biggest names in the UK scene right now. Adopting a serious yet fun approach to his music, the recognition started to slowly build in 2014. From then on, MoStack has gone from strength to strength. The release of the successful, “Liar Liar” in 2016, his debut EP High Street Kid in 2017 and a successful 2018 with tracks such as “What I Wanna” and “Litness”, has meant that Stacko has become one of the most anticipated debut albums in recent times.

The album is filled with grit, fun and variety. The album starts with “Yes Yes”, a track that actually starts with an interlude and dialogue between MoStack and himself about being robbed. This track begins with a gritty and greazy sound but I mean, it must not be mistaken that throughout the album MoStack adopts his gritty and greazy lyrics.

MoStack has an ability to rap about these particular topics in a way that makes the listener somewhat forget the actual meaning of what is being said. “Respect and Love” takes more of a Pop/R&B vibe but MoStack still manages to rap about subject matters that would not fit in an R&B or Pop song at all. “Wild”, “What I Wanna” and “Rock With You” are other examples of this.

Particularly “I Want You” which actually takes more of a Garage/House vibe still works perfectly well even though we have never really hear MoStack on this kind of sound/genre before.

Probably the most spoken about and hyped up song on the album, “Stinking Rich” featuring Dave and J Hus, does not fail to deliver either. Produced by ill-Blu, the track is a staple Mo track that is brought up to another level. That is before even mentioning the other features of Fredo on “I’m The One” (produced by the extremely rated and popular Steel Banglez) and “Shine Girl” with Stormzy.

What is key to take from this album that there is not one song where the beat, vocals or lyrics out weigh one another. Every song has all three that compliments each other to perfection. The album is straight talking and does not really hold back on anything. The perfect mix of hard hitting beats and groovy R&B vibes that has supplied us with plenty of summer bangers.

The album is a strongly constructed project that does not require the listener to skip any songs to get to the “good ones” because in all honesty, every track on this album would be a success as a single. Much like the release of Common Sense by J Hus in 2017, “Stacko” does not fail to deliver on the hype and anticipation. The “no skips” album will go down as one of (if not THE) best albums of this year. Further to that, a strong statement but this album can easily go down as one of the UK scenes greats.


Listen to Stacko on Spotify below:

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