Artist Watch: Arin Ray

Arin Ray first arrived on the scene via X-Factor…

Like many artists that appear on X-Factor, a solo music career does not always pan out. Ray featured twice on the show in 2011 and then returned in 2012 with both occasions, not coming away as a winner. Not being the winner of the show is not always a bad thing either though and it has potentially proved as a blessing in disguise for Arin.

Even with these appearances on X-Factor, Arin remains artist that is a lot more familiar and known amongst American listeners and fans than UK ones. Most likely due to the fact that after his appearance on X-Factor, Arin tended to stay behind the scenes until 2016.

Prior to the release of his debut EP Phase in 2016, Ray proved his song writing ability at the highest level with writing songs for Jason Derulo and Chris Brown, with one of his most notable being, “KAE” that featured on Chris Browns 2015 album, Royalty. Further song writing for the likes of K.Michelle followed before his major breakthrough with a record deal with Interscope.

Arin Ray at work – Credit: @arinraycamp on Instagram

Arin Ray released his debut album Platinum Fire in 2018 with major features from Ty Dolla $ign and YG. A deluxe version of the same album was also released later that same year that featured three extra songs. Both of these albums saw Arin’s name escalate further afield and grab the attention of many listeners, particularly with the help of said features mentioned above.

Ray comes with a contemporary yet classic R&B sound. Vocals similar to that of popular R&B singer Trey Songz. Rarely delving into the Pop/Dance or Trap side of R&B that many artists in recent years have done so, Ray usually keeps to a slow and melodic beat consisting of piano keys or guitar rifts which is complimented with smooth vocals.

At the end of 2018, Arin posted his Spotify Wrapped statistics on his Instagram. The year ended with him having gained 10M streams and 2M fans.

Arin Ray shows his appreciation via Instagram – Credit: @arinraycamp on Instagram

This picture was followed with the caption “I ain’t have none of this last year. I’m grateful”. With these numbers, it is clear to see that Arin’s prominence and notoriety within the R&B scene rose dramatically last year.

The question could potentially be “how could Arin Ray be an artist to watch, when the numbers show he is clearly being watched?”. This is completely wrong. As stated before, Arin Ray is known in America but how known he is known in countries such as the UK, remains unclear. His Spotify Wrapped clearly shows he has reached a number of countries but he is yet to be mentioned amongst some of the biggest R&B names in the industry. Arin is yet to reach a solo hit that has over a million views on YouTube and although numbers do not mean everything, nowadays it is an indication to how much engagement a song has had, how popular it is and how many people have heard of it and know about it.

Clearly a determined individual that does not let failure stop him. There is no doubt that Arin Ray has a huge amount to offer in terms of song writing and also his own solo career.

In 2019, Ray has released his latest single “Roses”. He has also featured as credits on YG’s album 4Real 4Real that was released last month. It will not be long before his name is a lot more known amongst every R&B listeners. Hence why, Arin Ray is an artist to watch, follow and keep your eyes and ears on him.

Listen to Arin Ray’s latest single “Roses” and his debut album Platinum Fire below:

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