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A talented Canadian singer in the R&B game is not that uncommon to hear anymore. Drake, The Weeknd and Justin Bieber have really set the bar but they have also set a path for future artists up and coming. We have previously mentioned the increase of talent coming from Canada in our article about fellow countryman, anders. K.Forest from Ontario, Canada is following that path…

K.Forest brings a familiar but also a refreshing, non-autotune influenced sound that does not stray too far from the likes of Bryson Tiller, PARTYNEXTDOOR and Majid Jordan.

In 2016, Forest dropped the single “Guidance” featuring Baba Femi. The upbeat, high tempo progressive beat with a Bashment influence and the catchy “yeah yeah yeah” vocals creates a strange but perfect mix of an addictive, energetic but also calming, at the same time, party track.

Anyone who is a common listener to Travis Scott and in particular, his 2016 album Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight then listening to K.Forest’s “Guidance” will sound extremely familiar. You would be mistaken in thinking, that because Forest is the lesser known artist, that he has actually created a cover or gained influence from Scott for this track. In fact, it is the other way round. In an interview with VICE in 2016, Forest explained that Travis Scott approached him for the song.

K.Forest has the ear for a good track and sound. The follow up to “Guidance” was “Link” which featured on the debut EP Eyes of Taiga project that dropped in 2016.

Eyes of Taiga did not get anywhere near enough recognition. The 11 track EP features a perfect range of slow and smooth R&B tracks in “Tenderness” and “More and More” to a more Trap/R&B sounding beats and rhythm with “Attached” and “Salvation”.

An influx of single releases followed in 2017 including the likes of “Easy Way, “On Deck”, “Reason” and “Two Twos”. In 2018, the release of Forest Fire II saw another project go underrated.

In regards to this year? K. Forest has released a double sided EP entitled Fall Back Gang / Love Worth Having. You guessed it, the EP features two songs with the same titles but also, Forest has included the instrumentals as part of the mini EP.

“Fall Back Gang” also highlights his skill at clever songwriting. “Fall Back Gang” is about feeling like you are putting in all the effort you can with someone but getting nothing back, so you decide to fall back and let the other person do their own thing. Hence, the Fall Back Gang.

K. Forest does have a distinctive similarity to other artists out there but let’s not get it twisted that the man is still very talented and is currently going very unfairly underrated. Not even a quarter of a million monthly listens on Spotify just shows how little some people know about the artist when in actual fact, he is the reason behind one of some people’s favourite Travis Scott record.

K.Froest – Credit: @noahxky on Instagram

Listen to K. Forests latest song “More Static” and also his latest mini EP Fall Back Gang / Love Worth Having below:

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