Ramz: The Rise, The Progress and Mental Wellbeing

Towards the end of 2017, “Barking” took the radios, clubs and internet by storm.

The track was spreading quicker than a wild fire. When a track rapidly becomes popular and becomes the biggest track at that particular time, it’s a complete phenomenon. Ramz’s track “Barking” was no different and everyone was embracing the phenomena. The catchy lyrics and infectious chorus had everyone hooked, even when half the people listening probably didn’t even know where Barking was.

Many artists that release a song that creates waves so quickly and takes over, don’t end up going much further than that song. They struggle to create a song so popular and eventually their whole catalog gets compared to this one song. Throughout the years, artists have come and gone. Popular hits have turned to one hit wonders and then eventually, become throwbacks. On the other hand, you have an artist like Ramz, who does not fit in to that bracket at all.

Following on from “Barking”, Ramz had immediate success and as with any success, everyone waits in anticipation to see what the next big track is going to be.

Following on from this, it did not take Ramz long to start releasing more music. Shortly after featuring on the remix of Raye’s popular “Decline” track, in February 2018, “Power” was dropped. Many artists have critics but it did not take long for Ramz to receive hate and criticism. This type of hate and criticism was a type that was very unlike what the majority of artists get. Ramz immediately gained doubters and, in scene where there are not too many places to hide. Instagram comments and Twitter were tainted with people calling the young artist, shit and calling him out for using too much autotune.

Ramz released his next single “Family Tree” in April 2018, which received much praise and achieved much success. Currently, just over a year later, boasting over 25 million views on YouTube. Just a month before the release of “Family Tree”, “Barking” had gone Platinum which in tail got the 22 year old a nomination the 2019 BRIT awards for Single of the Year.

Regardless of this success, the doubters remained. One thing you must bare in mind is that, as well as having the pressure of making sure his next songs were going to be as popular and as well received as “Barking”, he also has this immediate army of hate and doubters.

In a recent interview for ADTV (Amaru Don TV), Ramz opens up about the hate he received and how it has all affected him with the added pressure of the music.

Watch Ramz’s interview with ADTV below:

Ramz has just released his debut album Blockbuster. A 7 track album that featured “Barking”, “Power”, “Family Tree” and his latest single release “Hold You Down”.

Ramz is a young artist that has got an unbelievably bright future. He has constantly answered critics with another hit and the fact he is only 22 with a BRIT nomination, a debut album and headlined shows, it just shows the Ramz clearly has something about him. The man is extremely talented and resilient.

Listen to Ramz’s debut album Blockbuster on Spotify below:

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