Filly heats up the game with new BBC show, ‘Hot Property’


It has been a crazy few years for Filly (also known as Yung Filly) as his rise from Instagram comedian to fully fledged presenter has been a very impressive one.

Back in 2015, Filly was posting videos on his personal Instagram page. Usually these videos would consist of Filly hyping up the trim that he had just received from his barber. Nevertheless, they were/are extremely amusing and got the attention of the masses.

Whilst this was going on, Filly was still working full time. Fast forward to 2017 and Filly is working with the Wall of Comedy. No longer working a full time office job but a full time comedy/presenting job. Testing the public with trick questions and witty jokes.

The charismatic individual that is not shy to speak in his native Spanish tongue and show his pride of his Colombian background, has an infectious like-ability. Furthermore, the confidence runs deep as Filly neither shy’s away from showcasing his talent in other fields with the presenter releasing music that has achieved success.

Taking his comedy to Snapchat and YouTube and teaming up with fellow Youtubers such as Chunkz to present shows and interview some of the biggest sports stars, Raheem Sterling and Unai Emery to name a couple. This eventually led to Filly grabbing the attention of the BBC.

It’s now 2019 and Filly has got himself his own show on BBC Three. The show entitled Hot Property is effectively a dating programme that focuses on Filly taking an individual round the houses/rooms of a potential date. The individual assess the house/room with help of Filly and at the end, decides who they are going to take on a date based on their room.

Yung Filly now has his own show Hot Property. Credit: BBC

The concept is a familiar one. The big difference? Other shows do not have Filly presenting them.

As stated before, Filly’s humor is natural and the improvisation of this humor works fantastic on a show where the individual and Filly do not have a clue what they’re going to stumble across in the particular room. The work ethic and the very likeable demeanour of Filly will take him far. This is just the start.

Hot Property is available to watch on the BBC iPlayer now.

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