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In an era where Canada has produced some of the biggest artists of the decade, Drake, The Weeknd and Justin Bieber would be just three to name. Now bring in, potentially, one of the next big things in anders…

I initially first heard of anders (intentionally written without the capital letters) through, fellow countrymen, Loud Luxury’s big house hit “Love No More”. I liked the vocals on the song but in all honesty, did not do much more investigating until Spotify suggested his song, “Bad Guy”. Instantly, I was bumping this song on repeat. You can tell that anders has some influence from his Canadian counterparts, in particular, The Weeknd.

The video for “Bad Guy” was released onto his personal Youtube account in May 2018.

Music video to ander’s “Bad Guy” track – Credit: anders nst on Youtube

Before this hit though, came “Diamonds” which he released onto the same account towards the end of 2017. “Diamonds” is just short of 1,000,000 views and “Bad Guy” is not that shy off half of that amount. In 2017, anders released the 7 track the 669 project. A 8 song EP followed in 2018 under the name of Twos. The project that actually features the song “I Don’t Want Your Love” which is the song sampled in the Loud Luxury hit. If you are too listen to anders single releases then you would expect that all his music are on the same sort of vibe. You would be wrong. It is clear that, after listening to both 669 and Twos, the young musician has plenty of variety in his catalogue.

A mix of smooth R&B melodies and synthetic keyboards make up a sound that has clear influence. The influence being the Weeknd’s Triology album from 2012. You cannot blame him though.

It is clearly that anders is making waves online and has a strong fan base. The feature on the Loud Luxury hit has been another step towards the upper echelon of the R&B/Trap scene that was has seen prominence brought to artists such as Bryson Tiller.

Recently, anders has released “Bad Habits”, again on his anders nst Youtube account. The song is already close to the amount of views set by “Bad Guy” and it has only been sitting around in March 2019. It would not be surprising if the video has reached a million views by the end of the year, if not, then way before that.

Listen to anders Twos EP below:

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