Perfect mix of Flows and Vocals: Jevon’s ‘Spirits and Chaos’ Album Review

The release of Jevon’s 6 song EP, Spirits and Chaos, is the first body of work released by the London via Coventry singer/rapper/producer…

The EP starts with “Threats/Regrets”. A interlude “trust me, all of you little fucking haters, I’m just warming up, I’m just warming up, I’m nowhere near where I’m gonna’ get, I’m just warming up, trust me” starts the song. Clearly giving the listener a taste of where Jevon wants to be and how much he believes in his own talent.

“Henry the 8th” is battling it out with Track 3 for my favourite song on the EP. A slow tempo’d Rap instrumental with the perfect mix of melodic singing and rapping that really compliments each other throughout. Clearly a message to other artists within the game. Would rather others listen to it and experience it for themselves to be honest.

Track 3, “Lights” has a more of an electronic/synth R&B sound instead of the classic smooth R&B sound that features on most of the tracks. I feel this song, would be the pin up of the EP and the song that would most likely feature in the charts. Has a vibe about it that fits in well with the current popular vibe in the US that has seen the likes of Travis Scott rise to his prominence or maybe closer to home, Yxng Bane.

Track 4, “Bad Mood” is the only track of the EP that does not include any clear rapping. It almost serves as an Interlude as the vocals are only present for just under 2 minutes of the track. It is really the staple track of the EP that really showcases Jevon’s singing ability. A smooth R&B beat that would not go amiss on a Musiq Soulchild’s collection of work.

On a similar note is Track 5, “Falling” . A smooth R&B summer vibe that appears to be the (potentially), only out and out love song on the EP. Contrast to the fairly upbeat feel, the message in the song is not exactly on the same level. The message in this song is clear…The heartbreak after a break up is not a nice one.

Track 6, “Gone Till The Summer” finishes off the EP. Maybe a subliminal message to indicate that his album will be out in the Summer 2020? The beat includes some more background sampled vocals. A smoothed down old school garage sounding track with Jevon rapping through the verses and proceeding to sing the chorus. Personally, one of my favourite moments of the EP is just after the 2 minute mark, Jevon really uses his vocal ability to create a smooth, relaxing and calm melody as the song slows down to a close and finalises the end of the EP. There is not a huge similarity but if you have heard the Weeknd’s “Rolling Stone”, just after the two minute mark as well, then you will be familiar with this sort of vibe.

Overall, the EP is a wonderfully constructed piece of music, especially for an artists first body of work. The diversity of Jevon’s rapping, singing and clearly his own producing has really flourished. Some of the tracks also feature short interludes at the end which appears to be pay homage to his Brazilian heritage and links to Japan. It is not difficult to listen to this album from start to finish as you are constantly taken from different sounds, genres and vibes. Sometimes, I even find that you can guess the type of vibe the song will be on from the title but with this EP, it is not necessarily the case. If his album ends up being on the same level then it will be not surprise when plaudits are truly given to this young musician.

Tracklist for Spirits and Chaos – Credit: jevonofficial on Instagram

4.5/5 Stars

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