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With the release of his debut EP, Spirits and Chaos and recently selling out his first headline show, Jevon is slowly turning from a hidden talent to a talent that is catching everyone’s attention…

Jevon’s music supplies a healthy amount of diversity. A mix of classic R&B melodies, soft throwback Hip-Hop beats and a serving of gritty rap lyrics and flows.

His latest project highlights this mix clearly with 6 diverse tracks.

Born in London and growing up via Coventry, in interviews with NME and VICE, Jevon does state that his youth and upbringing does definitely have an influence on his work. He further states that his Brazilian heritage clearly has a strong holding in his music too.

Initially many people would not have heard of him or known him on face value as an artist but in 2017, he was the producer behind some of the work that appears on Nine’s One Foot Out project. Showcasing that Jevon is not just an individual with a talented voice.

In 2017, Jevon featured on the album New Gen with his track “Man of the Hour”. The album being a project to highlight the up and coming talent within the UK urban scene. The New Gen project included artists that are now familiar to many people, such as Yung Bxne, Stefflon Don, Abra Cadabra and AJ Tracey.

 2018 saw the release of 7 songs (if you are including the remix of “Judas”). Although Jevon had already released music by this point, it feels like his first song of 2018, entitled “Redemption” was a kick through the door.

Jevon - Redemption
Jevon’s “Redemption” – Credit: jevonofficial Instagram

Letting the world know where he stood and what he was/is about. As stated before, his music makes a clear connection to his up bringing and his time growing up. In “Redemption”, after stating “Fuck the world”, he goes on to say:

“when I make my first 50 mill, 49 can still go to Mum”.

Jevon is clearly a passionate individual. It very much appears that he does not take shit from others and clearly acknowledges the help and support that his family has given him over the years through his childhood and upbringing. In the same song, some seconds later, he also sends out a request to Charlie Sloth the following:

 “someone tell Charlie Sloth for me and ask him ‘where’s my Fire in the Booth?’ and tell them man, it’s time for truth”.

Clearly a man that likes to speak things into existence as this request has since been answered. A showcase of his lyrical ability in his Fire in the Booth being released in April 2019:

Jevon’s Fire In The Booth for Charlie Sloth’s Beat’s 1 Radio Show – Credit: Charlie Sloth Youtube

The switch between “Redemption” and “Judas” shows the ability and talent that Jevon has. “Judas” comes with more of an Afro-Swing sound and a song that showcases his singing capability. A contrast to the message of both of the tracks, “Judas” actually does contain a more upbeat feel to it than a song such as “Redemption”.

In his interview with NME magazine, he further explains that “Judas” was influenced from a personal situation and is clearly not as up-beat as it may sound. The song got a Brazilian remix with artists Zetazen and One Path featuring on it.

Jevon’s “Judas” Remix – Credit: Jevon on Yotube

With Jevon currently working on an album and most likely working on producing work for your favourite artists, it is best to keep an eye on this rise of a very talent individual…

Listen to Jevon’s debut EP, Spirits and Chaos, on Spotify below:

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